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Conscious Heart Kinesiology

Molly Brumm

18 Hogan St
Keperra QLD 4054

Servicing area: Alderley, Keperra, North Brisbane and Moreton Bay Shire

Conscious Heart Kinesiology

Molly helps you restore your balance. Join our Healing Circle, learn basic energy hygiene and healing in a Hands ON Energy Workshop or explore your energy boundaries in a Chakra Meditation group.

Learn kinesiology skills with Touch For Health and apply them for your own empowerment and healing, to support and nuture your family and pets. 

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Conscious Heart Kinesiology - Workshops

    • See my website for class times and more information

    • Chakra Meditations (Keperra) This class focuses on exploring the energy of one chakra for your highest potential. Monthly

    • Healing Circles (Redcliffe and Keperra) Focus your energy and give and receive healing and support. Monthly.

    • Hands ON Energy Workshops: a 2 hour fun filled introduction to Energy Hygiene and how to take care of your anxiety and emotional needs.

    • Earth to Heaven in 7: 7 Chakra Steps Workshop Run weekly over 7 weeks we explore deeply each chakra with colour, sound, movment and creativity.

    • Touch For Health: these 4 workshops are designed for anyone from 14 - 114 to learn maximum self-care, healing, how to unblock pain and enhance energy levels and to help loved ones. Includes full colour manual, much personal development and laughter!

    • Is My Voice Turning You Off? (4 hours + individual sessions) 

This Workshop will:

    • Free yourself from public speaking stress and nerves

    • Explore your full register, your pitch and modulation

    • Utilising muscle testing to correct the sound of your voice

    • Become confident and self-assured as a presenter

    • Improve your quality of voice so that your listeners pay more attention

    • Exercise your voice with vocal warm ups and methods to enrich and empower your message

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Molly demonstrating Muscle Response Testing.Participants in a Touch For Health training applying their new energy skills and using Muscle Response Testing to ask the body questions.Healing circles support us to give and receive energy healing. The benefits multiply when we cooperate.