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Restored Balance Kinesiology

Megan McIntyre

Haig St
Burwood VIC 3125


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Restored Balance Kinesiology

" My 18 year old daughter was really struggling emotionally and seemed to have some symptoms of anxiety...after four sessions my daughter has returned to her beautiful calm trouble free self. Megan developed a beautiful bond with her and stays in touch between sessions. She has really made a difference to my daughter  and therefore to all of our family." Sarah Nov 2018

Restored Balance Kinesiology

About Megan

Hello there, my name is Megan McIntrye and I am a mother to two amazing boys, and I live and work in Burwood, Victoria. It is my passion to work with those within the local community providing ‘Restored Balance’ in areas of anxiety, physical pain, and sleep issues and more! 

I firmly believe and promote your body’s innate ability to heal and restore itself without the intervention of chemicals. Each and every cell in your body has the ability to repair itself. It is my aim to facilitate the healing processes of your body by balancing stress, past or present so that your body has the optimal conditions to do what it is designed to do; heal and repair.


Preparing for surgery

I came to see Megan on Monday ... So stressed about upcoming surgery. About halfway through the session I felt like a weight lifted and I still feel that way today, Thursday. You have magic hands and a magic heart. - A.R. Glen Waverley Sept 2018 

Changing life's path

I wanted to thank you for studying Kinesiology, of which I still find mystifying, but it works! Without that I wouldn't have found the relief I have gotten from it. Its magical.  - J.P. Hong Kong, October 2018

Stiff Neck

Recently I suffered from a stiff and sore neck mostly due to sitting at a computer for too long. I had previously tried other treatments such as massage and osteo but decided to give Kinesiology a try. Megan was very professional and informative from start to finish, explaining what Kinesiology was and how she planned on treating my neck pain. I found that the treatment not only relieved my stiff, sore neck but it also delved deeper, working with the subconscious and conscious mind to resolve other issues that I didn't realise were there. After her treatment I found I was not only pain free but also much more relaxed and contented. Megan is an exceptional practitioner and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. - C.B, Melbourne, Dec 2017

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Qualification Details

Certificate IV in NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology
Diploma in NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology
Integrative Neuro Cardiology - Marco Rado

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Restored Balance Kinesiology Stress in any form manifests in our body’s weakest spot. Imagine your energy as a flowing river. Now imagine your issue is a rock...

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