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Pilates Matwork, ChiBall and Ballet Barre classes in Eltham and Bulleen. Intelligent mind/body exercise with personal care and professionalism. Term starts on Mon Jan.30th - but you can join at any time.  

About Somatica

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Eltham & Bulleen and surrounds

Focus areas

Neck tension Habits Relaxation Joy Fitness Movement patterns

"Somatica" - Mind/Body Fitness

“Soma is a Greek word that means “living body”. It describes our ability to see ourselves from the inside with all our movements, feelings and intentions, rather than just an observable external body. The somatic viewpoint recognizes that humans are self-aware, self-responsible and capable of change and control when they gain awareness of imbalances, distorted movement patterns and habitual tensions.

As our world becomes more repetitive, sedentary and stressful, body alignment and control are essential to living a healthy, pain-free life. Somatica offers three approaches to exercise: ChiBall, Pilates and Gentle Ballet Barre to allow you to gain body knowledge, notice postural habits and learn how to move freely with strength, power and grace.

Initial benefits of this type of exercise are strength and tone, flexibility, correction of faulty movement habits and postures, core strength, ease of movement and increased energy. Ultimate benefits of regular practice are an enhanced mental attitude towards life and ongoing confidence and wellbeing.

PILATES - from the WEST

For posture, core stability and strength and body conditioning.

Pilates is a highly effective program of floor exercises focusing on the deep, stabilizing muscles of the torso and performed at a slow, rhythmic pace. With care and attention to your body’s positioning and function, these exercises will improve your fitness from the inside out and correct breathing, and postural defects. Light weights are used to enhance upper body strength.

Pilates requires concentration and focus which alleviates mental stress, and can reactivate forgotten neuromuscular pathways. The result is a whole body workout of great benefit to modern men and women, who are dealing with the physical neglect and nervous strain of the 21st century.

FOR BEGINNERS: The Pilates classes are mixed level, so you can progress slowly and steadily. If you have not done Pilates before, please call me before attending a class. This allows discussion of any physical issues and a basic covering of the Pilates principles to ensure smooth integration into the class. Please enquire for further details.

FOR THOSE WITH PILATES EXPERIENCE: Please contact me to book into a trial class for $10, so you can experience Pilates in view of joining us.

GENTLE BALLET BARRE - a chance to dance!

For grace, flexibility, and strength. 

Designed for adults who are seeking a graceful, effective way of achieving beautiful posture, flexibility, strength, and a unique hip/ leg workout.

These classes are based on classical barre exercises but adapted to suit non-dancers of any age or fitness level. If you have always wanted to dance but have been intimidated, this class will be for you! Taught by an experienced teacher and ex-ballet dancer (Jemima), these classes will show you that the proven benefits of ballet lead to streamlined muscles and a strong, agile body.

The class starts with barre exercises then progresses to stretching and some simple dances in the centre to allow you to feel like a 'real' dancer! 

Please contact me if you are interested in doing a $10 trial class, and joining us. 

CHIBALL (TM) - from the EAST

For balance, harmony and stress management.

ChiBall is a unique concept in exercise-to-music that starts you on a journey to holistic fitness through music and movement. The ChiBall method is based on five main exercise philosophies from the West and the East. These are:

    • ChiKung -to raise energy, calm the mind and gain inner health.
    • Rhythmic movement - to energise and stimulate the flow of vitality (Chi) through the body and release stress.
    • Yoga/Pilates — to strengthen, tone and stabilize your body.
    • Feldenkrais - to gently re-educate the neuromuscular system.
    • Deep Relaxation - a chance to find a state of blissful peace for mind and body.

The combination of these modalities creates a balanced, rejuvenating workout that will suit any age or ability An aromatherapy infused ChiBall is used during the class as a visual focus, prop and massage tool to lift your mood and ease stress.

TO JOIN US: Please contact me to book a $10 trial class to experience ChiBall in view of joining us.

CLASS INFORMATION 2023 - New Term starts on Mon. 30th Jan  (you are able to join throughout the term)



ELTHAM –   Eltham Library Hall, Panther Place

Monday Saturday
9.45 – 10.45am
9.30 – 10.30am
10.45 - 11.45am
Ballet Barre
10.30 - 11.30am


BULLEEN –  Koonarra Tennis Club Hall, cnr Balwyn Rd & Furneaux Grove.

Wednesday Friday
9.45 – 10.45am
9.45 – 10.45am
10.45 – 11.45am
10.45 – 11.45am


Full term prepaid @ $16 per class
5 week card @ $18 per class
Casual fee  @ $20 per class

BALLET BARRE CLASSES - $20 per class


SPECIAL OFFER  – 2 classes per week @ $24 ($22) per week (term payment only)

    • 5 week card must be used within term of purchase, and additional classes during that term will be at $18 per class.
    • Missed classes for full term payments can be made up at any other venue or time during that term. Classes cannot be credited to next term, nor deducted from current term payment, except in exceptional circumstances.
    • Classes follow school terms unless otherwise advised (usually 10 weeks).

Concessions are for Pension, Healthcare and fulltime Student card holders only. Pls see me if you are having financial difficulties.


Full term prepaid @ $14 per class
5 week card @ $16 per class
Casual fee @ $18 per class

About Jemima - Ex-Professional Ballet Dancer, Certified Pilates Instructor, Registered Fitness Instructor & Somatic Psychotherapist

Jemima Carthew Wakefield was a graduate of the Royal Ballet School, London, and has a professional background in classical and contemporary dance. She has over 30 years experience in movement and group exercise and is a qualified Fitness and Gym instructor. Jemima’s ongoing interest in the mind/ body connection led her to train in ChiBall (1999), Pilates Matwork (2004) and Stott Pilates full certification (current). She recently became a Silver Swans teacher with the Royal Academy of Dancing, and runs her own business in holistic fitness and dance tuition.

She has run weekly classes in the Neuropsychiatry unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, working mainly with eating disorder patients.

Jemima is an ongoing student of psychology, somatic psychotherapy, neuroscience and movement analysis. Her belief is that the body expresses our attitudes, beliefs and traumas in its postures, movements and muscle tensions. Her teaching comes from the knowledge that body and mind are inseparable and work as one intelligent entity with its own innate wisdom and joy.



“During the day I felt much straighter and taller. I really felt it was very helpful for my spine”

“Was good to do a relaxing workout rather than an aggressive one. The music is wonderful and Jemima is a great, enthusiastic and supportive teacher”

“ChiBall has provided me with a quiet space where I can go each week to find myself. It raises my awareness of both my mind and body and provides me with the opportunity to become re-centred and in tune within”

“Its amazing how much better I feel after being back in the class, not only physically, but spiritually. I am energized and empowered for the week”


“For many years now I have experienced severe neck tension and breathing difficulties. This restricted my movement and ability to gain strength and fitness. After attending Pilates I am delighted to report a huge difference in my fitness and a new joy in being able to move more freely.

My neck and shoulders are so much more relaxed and mobile as the classes teach you how to use your muscles correctly. I am learning to breathe with new awareness which has helped my mental tension, and I feel strong at my centre.

I have found a real sense of care and individual attention in these classes. Jemima is a highly skilled teacher who shares her knowledge with a great deal of warmth and understanding. This support makes achieving fitness and wellbeing possible, no matter what your current ability. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone."

Gentle Ballet Barre

"I loved the whole experience: the beautiful music, the other women..... and the teacher is pretty special too. It helps my brain work better and I feel like I'm learning all over again."

"It is serious learning, but fun; good for brain, body and balance. I felt invigorated afterwards and went straight out to buy some ballet shoes!"

"I've learned so much from the Ballet Barre class. Can't wait for next term."

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