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Sunshine Ayurveda

Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari

47 Oogar St

Servicing area: Sunshine Coast Region and Noosa to Australia wide

Sunshine Ayurveda

Sunshine Ayurveda is a natural healing centre located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast offering authentic Ayurveda services targeted to individual health care.

We are committed to the application of ancient healing practices based on Ayurvedic principles to remedy modern diseases.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Therapeutic Oil Massage)

Abhyanga is a soothing medicated oil massage for the whole body. It detoxifies and relaxes by enabling a harmonious flow of prana (revitalizing energy) through the body.

The benefits of Abhyanga transcend physical, mental, and emotional well being. It enhances your blood-lymphatic circulation, improves muscle tone, relieves blockages, helps to eliminate deep-seated ama (toxins), nourishes your tissues, and improves your Ojus (natural immune system). 

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Shirodhara (Third Eye Therapy)

Shirodhara is a blissful treatment that is achieved by gently pouring warm medicated oil on the center of the forehead (third eye) to quieten the mind and awaken the senses. By improving your quality of sleep, Shirodhara is beneficial for stress, anxiety, anger, panic attacks, depression, migraines, tinnitus, hair loss, ENT problems, and many neurological disorders.

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Nasya (Sinus Cleansing)

Nasya comprises the therapeutic administration of medicinal herbs and oil into the nostrils following a head, neck and face massage, and steam inhalation through the nasal tract. This is beneficial for sinus problems, allergies, migraine, ENT problems, memory and concentration, and various problems in the head region.

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Udwartana (Ayurvedic Herbal Scrub)

Udwartana is a stimulating and exfoliating therapy using a specially prepared herbal powder that helps to boost metabolism, increase circulation, remove toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system, and help break down fat deposits. 

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Vastis (Colon Cleansing)

Vastis comprise the Ayurvedic methods of administering Ayurvedic herbs (either oil and decoction based) to cleanse the colon and lower GI tract. Vastis are safe and effective methods of removing the deep-rooted toxins so as to enhance your immune system. They are an excellent means of addressing a range of imbalances, including nervous disorders, reproductive problems, metabolic diseases, and autoimmune conditions.

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Other Ayurveda Therapies Available?

Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda - Detox and Rejuvenative therapy. These serve to strengthen the muscles and nerves, and to address developmental disorders and degenerative conditions

Kati Vasti - Oil treatment to alleviate back and spine problems

Janu vasti – hot oil therapy to ease knee pain and arthritis

Netra Tarpana – Eye rejuvenative therapy

Karna Poorana - Classical ear care therapy



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