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Synergy in Reflexology

Marie Steinke

Lower Mitcham SA 5062

Synergy in Reflexology
- Reflexologist -
- Maternity Reflexologist - Infertility Reflexologist -
- Swedish Masseur - Registered Nurse -

Synergy in Reflexology


Discover how I can assist you with the every-day stress of life.

You will be seeing a qualified and experienced reflexologist.

I am qualified in pregnancy reflexology which can be used safely from conception to birth.

I can also provide techniques from post birth to help with lactation and balancing hormones.

If you are have issues with becoming pregnant- I can offer reflexology techniques to you and your partner to help with relaxation.  I use techniques to help stimulate production of hormones needed to provide the correct environment for conception.  This technique works equally well when using IVF. 

Methods such as Ingham, Rwo Shur, Thai, Reprofelxology and Priority Reflexology will assist you to recover faster and relieve pain as well as other other symptoms.

Language of the Feet will assist you to get back to normal life quicker, particularly if you are not well, undergoing palliative care, injured or frail, as it is very gentle technique.

Working on your hands and ears when needed and using Kinesiology as required will Synergy in Reflexology, without you suffering discomfort.

Energy healing on all levels through Kinesiology has been able to help clients with “dis-harmony” in learning difficulties, insomnia, depression, hormonal disturbances and can help you with any ailments or concerns.
You will be taught to work on your individual reflex points between sessions if needed to help keep your energy levels raised. .

You may enjoy Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage. This complements the Reflexology and Kinesiology ensuring that you receive what is best for you.

Your health can be enhanced through this practice and my philosophy to assist with preventative care and overcoming existing symptoms to achieve a balanced and fulfilled life.

I offer a no obligation and free chat about how I can be of benefit to you. Why not pick up the phone now or send an enquiry.

We can Synergy in Reflexology now in a way you deserve

Qualification Details

Diploma of Reflexology
Certificate in Pregnancy Reflexology
Advance Techniques in Maternity Reflexology
Certificate in Reproreflexology for Infertility
Registered Nurse

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