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Ear Candling

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It is thought that the earliest recorded use of the ear candles was by the Hopi Pueblo tribe in the USA. The Hopi people who live in Arizona, south west USA, are said to have traditionally used the ear candles and this treatment has been handed down over many generations.

It is believed that ear candles were used as a form of treatment by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Sumerians and Tibetan Monks.

The original use of the candles was for aura and spiritual cleansing. They were used to help meditation and were also used for initiation rituals and healing ceremonies.

EWHAT IS Ear Candling

This therapy involves lighting and inserting the recipient’s ear. Recipients lies on their side with the therapist at their head. The therapist supports the candle with her hands to keep it in place and the candle will burn down to an indicator line.

The candle acts as a chimney and has a slight drawing effect so it helps to loosen ear wax gently. The air vibrates through the candle towards the ear, and gently massages the eardrum. This creates a warm swirling current of air and a slight vacuum, which helps to dry up any moisture.

The ear-candling treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. The whole treatment will take approximately an hour including the consultation.


An ear candle is not actually a candle. It is usually tube-shaped but can be cone-shaped, and is up to 12 inches in length with a hollow centre.


The candles are mainly made of cotton or linen and different ingredients may be added.

In my practice I use 100% beeswax – beeswax is a strong antiseptic and is also anti-inflammatory. Bees produce beeswax from their abdomen.

Some candles contain essential oils such as sandalwood, rose, juniper, tea tree, bergamot etc. These oils all have various properties and are useful to treat different conditions.

Ear candles are a completely natural product. They are based on a traditional formula that was said to be originated by the Hopi Indian tribes in Arizona.


There are many benefits to thermal auricular therapy.

  • It helps with excessive or compacted ear wax. Ear wax that is impacted on the eardrum will be warmed and may also be loosened by this treatment. It may take 48 hours for the wax to travel away from the ear.

  • Snoring – the candles help to drain the nasal passages.

  • It helps people suffering from noises in the ear and tinnitus.

  • It is relaxing and de-stressing

  • Colds and flu – the candles can help relieve the symptoms of a cold or flu by helping to clear the airways.

  • Headaches and migraines – the candles and massage can help to increase the blood circulation and reduce stress and tension in the head and neck.

  • It helps ease neuralgia (pain caused by irritation of, or damage to, a nerve).

  • It stimulates the energy flow.

  • It eases irritation in the ears or sinus problems.

  • It alleviates pain or pressure experienced when flying or scuba diving.

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