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Conventionally the word kinesiology means the study of motion. How muscles act and co-ordinate to move the body. Muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance in the body. Using the muscles it is possible to detect imbalances in the body caused by emotional, physical and chemical problems. Kinesiology is a holistic approach to balancing the movement and interaction of a persons energy systems. This may be done by attention to reflex and acupressure points, by use of specific body movements, emotional stress release and nutritional support . This can lead to increased physical, mental and emotional well being.
Another unique approach to stress management called One Brain was developed in 1972 by Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside. It works on the theory that whole brain function cannot occur when there is stress. Once emotional stress is relieved the brain is able to perceive and function in a calmer more effective manner, with full access to left brain logic and right brain creativity. The whole brain operates as an integrated unit.

How Kinesiology Can Help

Because Kinesiology does not focus on specific symptoms, but tests for and corrects imbalances throughout the whole body/mind system the list of health problems which it can assist or alleviate is endless. Kiriesiology corrections encourage the body/mind to heal itself . The ideal use for Kinesiology is in preventative health care, to keep the physical emotional and energy systems in balance so that problems are less likely to arise. Most people find Kinesiology treatment very relaxing and some feel pleasantly lighter and more "clear afterwards. Because major energy changes may result, feelings of tiredness or sleepiness may be experienced. This is a good sign and an indication that the body is going through a healing process. Although the energy changes occur instantly at the time when treatment is given, the healing effects can continue for days, weeks and even months following treatment. A muscle balance is a wonderful way to raise the bodys energy and balance , physically and emotionally, so allowing optimum use of the bodys innate healing ability . Although the procedures for each session are similar, no two will be exactly the same. Each time one imbalance is corrected another will appear as a priority. This process continues until imbalances have been corrected and the body is in balance . This does not mean to say that once the body is balanced, this status will be maintained indefinitely. It does mean that the person 's own healing ability has been strengthened so that future stresses will have a less adverse effect. When practiced by people who are properly trained Kinesiology cannot harm anyone. It can be safely used on adults, infants and animals alike.


Kinesiologist and Natural Health Therapist

Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society No. 4568
Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd

For an appointment phone
(08) 9274 4399 Mob: 0419 905 585

A massage table is used and the client remains fully clothed for the duration of the session
First appointment 1 1/2 hours approx - thereafter 1 hour
All client personal information remains confidential

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