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Vitality Yoga

Vitality Yoga

Yoga is an extremely effective method of self-healing that is able to give the body mental and physical relief through the practice of certain breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation and relaxation. The emotional, mental and physical health benefits of yoga are endless.

Vitality Yoga - Yoga Classes

Why practice Yoga?

It has been proven through scientific research that Yoga is able to slow down the process of ageing by balancing and harmonising the nervous and endocrine system which directly correlates to all our other systems of the body. Yoga effectively enhances energy flow through the entire body, stimulating health on all levels.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture as more and more students are reporting improved fitness, health, flexibility and decreased levels of stress and increased levels of energy.

Why Vitality Yoga?

The Vitality Clinic prides itself on being able to provide a style of yoga that is not only relevant to modern day living, but also addresses the demands of lifestyles today.

Vitality Yoga is based upon classical yoga postures, combining other modalities such as Chinese medicine and Kinesiology to improve the benefits of Yoga. Vitality Yoga encourages a deeper sense of awareness within all levels of the body which empowers the benefits of Yoga.

At Vitality Yoga we offer a range of different Yoga classes, including:

  • Beginners

  • Gentle Core

  • Yin Yoga

  • Iyengar Yoga

  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Bikram Yoga

  • Fit Yoga

  • Lunch Yoga

  • Prenatal

  • Mums & Bubs – Postnatal Yoga

  • Kids Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Corporate Yoga

  • Private classes

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