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Yoga of Meditation

Yoga of Meditation FreeClasses

10 Surf St
Kingscliff NSW 2487

Servicing area: Kingscliff Tweed Coast NSW

Yoga of Meditation

Classes traditionally offered Free of Charge. 10 Surf Street Kingscliff - Tweed Coast, Monday - 7.00 pm.
Note: If you wish you attend please e-mail or phone to place your booking. E:  Ph: (02) 66742556


Yoga of Meditation

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga of Meditation for over 37 years.
"It is an ancient tradition to pass on these teachings for free, just as my
Yoga of Meditation teacher gave to me."

A step by step, easy, relaxing and enjoyable method, no exercise involved.
Helps to reduce stress,
Insomnia, panic attacks, anxieties.
Brings calmness and clarity to your mind.

Introductory Class:
Monday 7.00pm NSW time. 10 Surf Street, KINGSCLIFF - Tweed Coast

Enquiries welcomed.

In this modern world with all its problems of stress, anxiety, tension, worries, loneliness, fears and so on, the ancient regular practice of Yoga of Meditation has become well known as a means of relief and resolve. The various methods of practising Yoga of Meditation will be shown to you in a simple step by step Introductory Class.

Stress Relief
A Healthy Lifestyle
Ancient Wisdom

Qualification Details

My experience comes from practicing and teaching yoga of meditation for well over 40 years.

I have extensively travelled and held classes in such countries as England, Russia, Israel, Philippines and New Zealand. For the last 20 years I have held classes in Australia.
I hope to always live, teach and pass on this very fulfilling life style of Yoga of Meditation.
One of my favourite sayings is: "Just add it to your life and you'll get life!"

Qualification Details

Certified Masters Diploma in Advanced Yoga of Meditation


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