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Barbara Simon
Your Life Strategist

Creating mental and emotional health for companies and individuals

Your Life Strategist -About

My goal is to support others in need, and inspire others to do the same by becoming a First Aider in Mental Health. 1 in 4 Australians will experience some kind of mental illness in their life and it is necessary to make mental illness more visible in order to get the right care and support for those in need and to take the stigma off mental illness.
Become first aider of mental health and hopefully healthy lives. Learn how to treat people in distress and manage problems, and what it means to have a mental disorder. It's enjoyable, insightful and contributes to bringing out the dark mental wellbeing.


  • Mental Health First Aid trainings online
  • Personal Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Become a More Effective Leader
  • Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals
  • Prepare For Change in Your Life
  • Ignite Passion in Your Relationships
  • Strengthen Your Team
  • Specialty Workshops
  • Social + Emotional Intelligence
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Best Year Yet Programs
  • Strengths Finder Coaching

Qualification Details

Accredited Mental Health First Aid trainer Results-Coach - Strategic Interventionist with Tony Robbins wingwave coach integrating NLP, EMDR and Kinesiology for a targeted approach to personal coaching Natural Therapist Social Worker

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Your Life Strategist -About