What is Body Harmony?

Body Harmony is a type of holistic bodywork that was developed by American chiropractor Don McFarland in the 1980s. The modality involves listening to the body's innate wisdom through the client's response to touch, to understand what it needs to achieve optimal health at the mental, physical and emotional levels.

Conscious touch and breathing exercises, which are among the primary techniques used in Body Harmony, can do so many wonders for one's health. These improve the body's structure, repair damaged tissue and enhance a person's overall state of being. Body Harmony helps relieve tension and stress, emotional and physical pain, and a host of other conditions, including:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Respiratory issues like asthma
  • Immobility
  • Anxiety

Body Harmony Courses in Australia

Why Study Body Harmony?

Nothing can be more rewarding than restoring the different facets of health using Body Harmony. Safe and noninvasive, this modality is a useful adjunct to your current practice, regardless of its nature and application. You will be able to address a range of health disorders that affect the body's structure and functions, allowing your clients to regain their mental capacity and physical vitality to release pain and discomfort and take control of their own lives.

What Does It Take to Study Body Harmony or Become a Practitioner of It?

Besides being an active listener, it takes empathy and compassion to appreciate the principles and application of Body Harmony and succeed in this line of career. Academic excellence is immaterial because a basic understanding of anatomy is all that matters to be able to restore the breathing, movement and other bodily functions of an individual. 

Course and Study Options for Body Harmony

The first step to becoming a certified practitioner of Body Harmony is to complete the Five Modules, a foundation course that will walk you through the fundamentals of Body Harmony and the role of touch and counselling in facilitating healing. 

Upon completion of the Five Modules, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge in an actual classroom setup to earn your qualification. You can study Body Harmony in a face-to-face setting or through an online course and reap the same benefits. 

If you're already practising Body Harmony, deepen your knowledge by taking advanced classes that focus on restructuring your posture, enhancing your movement and changing the way you perceive your outer and inner environments for optimal health outcomes. Completing an advanced qualification for this modality will land you a job as an international consultant or teacher of Body Harmony.  

How to Choose a School or Course in Body Harmony

Many certified Body Harmony practitioners started as clients who have experienced firsthand the far-reaching benefits of the modality. So, they went on to study it and earn their professional qualification to help others improve their health.

However, they didn't just pick a random school and enrol; they knew that the only way to achieve their dream of becoming a holistic healer is by studying with an institution that is recognised by the Body Harmony International Guild. 

Several schools in Australia are more than equipped to set you up for success. In fact, you can check out first-rate Body Harmony course providers at the top of this page and contact the school of your choice directly to enquire about their course material, tuition, delivery method and possible career paths that graduates of their program may pursue.