Body Harmony Courses

Body Harmony Courses (Australia)

Canberra Body Harmony School

We offer two course, one in Body Harmony and one in Fascial Analysis for Dispensing Tissue Salts

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FAQs About Body Harmony Courses

What can bodywork do?

Bodywork relieves pain and increases range of motion. There are different types of bodywork, but all of which works holistically to improve all aspects of health, while significantly reducing a person's dependence on medication.

What does it feel like to receive bodywork that is guided by the preferences of your tissue?

Many people who have experienced Body Harmony reported feelings of relaxation, mental clarity, self-awareness and calmness. Those who have long been suffering from pain and discomfort said they felt nothing but physical and mental relief after undergoing therapy.

What can Body Harmony help?

Body Harmony is an effective stress and pain reliever. It restores the structure of tissue to speed up physical and emotional healing, as well as improving posture and reviving vitality.

About Body Harmony Courses