Breathwork Courses

Breathwork Courses (Australia)

Breath Journey Training

Your Breath Journey  - A liberating and caring Breathwork Practitioner Training &  Personal Retreat, Big Jacks Retreat, Kangaroo Valley, NSW April...

Breathwork Mastery

Professional practitioner, self paced training - International Certification in Breathwork Mastery

Buteyko Practitioner Training

Become one of a select group of Buteyko facilitators in Australia!

FAQs About Breathwork Courses

What is breathwork training?

Breathwork training is the act of following a sequence of breathing exercises to improve your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The goal of breathwork is to release energy blockages that trigger all sorts of diseases.

Is breathwork a meditation?

No, they have subtle differences. Breathwork delivers the same benefits as meditation but in a faster way. With meditation, it could take you longer to connect with your authentic self. With breathwork, you only have to master the breathing techniques of your preferred breathwork style. Once you have done so, you can instantly reduce stress and achieve mental clarity.

Is breathwork healthy?

Yes, breathwork has many health benefits as it works holistically on the mind and body. It can help alleviate stress, promote relaxation and lower blood pressure, among many others.

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