Family Constellation Courses

Family Constellation Courses (Australia)

Family Constellation Courses

Train to be a Family Constellations Facilitator

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FAQs About Family Constellation Courses

What is systemic constellation work?

Systemic constellation is a method used to address family problems that have been passed down from one generation to another. It may be conducted in group workshops or private sessions.

How do you make a family constellation?

In a constellation group workshop, the facilitator will assist the client in picking members in the group who will represent the client and their family members. Nobody in the group other than the facilitator knows the family story of the client, let alone the people whom they are representing. Healing has been achieved once all the representatives have achieved feelings of calmness and peace in their respective positions.

What is constellation healing?

Family constellation, or systemic constellation, is a form of therapy that brings harmony to a family system by addressing issues that it has been suffering for generations.

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