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Family Constellation

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What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a unique form of therapy that compliments traditional counselling, psychotherapy and coaching sessions. Focusing on an individual’s family history, these private or group sessions will delve into your past in order to help you heal old issues and to move forward in your life. Using a combination of Counselling, NLP, Ego State Therapy and Hypnotherapy techniques, a Family Constellation therapist can help you to improve each and every one of your relationships – both personal and professional.

Issues That Can Be Addressed

A wide range of emotional issues and situations can be addressed and resolved with the use of Family Constellations techniques. Below is a list of some of the most common personal and relationship issues that can be addressed during your private or group session:

•    Individual
•    Emotional
•    Couples
•    Divorce
•    Parent & Parenting
•    Single parent
•    Children of divorce
•    Blended families
•    Adoption
•    Abuse
•    Common or chronic health issues
•    Clearing / removing blockages (emotional or energetic)
Group sessions will be used to address the issue of a single person, with private sessions more suited for individuals who need  to be the focus of the healing and not just a participant / ‘family member’.

What Is Different About Family Constellations?

Unlike traditional ‘talk therapies’, Family Constellation sessions involve using the energies from other participant in order to help you unlock and address disharmonies within your own life. By using surrogates to help you address and resolve a current or past issue, together we can help you to move forward in your life. This alternative form of healing is also known to cause a ripple effect of benefits, with people in your extended family or friendship circle also able to experience the beenfits. A gentle, safe and effective process, a professional Family Constellations session can be beneficial to both Men & Women who are looking to resolve past issues and create a happier and more fulfilled life.

To find out more about Family Constellations and how this form of therapy can help you, just visit the Family Constellation Website.

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