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FAQs About Pilates Courses

How do I get certified in Pilates?

Before taking an instructor course in Pilates, it's worth asking yourself what kind of Pilates class would you like to teach. Once you have figured out the answer, you can decide to take a Matwork Level 1 certification course, a Certificate IV in Pilates, a diploma-level qualification or an advanced diploma. How you get certified pretty much depends on your goals.

Can you teach Pilates without certification?

Yes, you're free to teach Pilates without any certification, but you won't get as many clients as you want because you don't have the qualifications for the job. Completing Matwork Level 1 is the minimum requirement to work as a Pilates instructor.

Is Pilates harder than yoga?

Pilates is more intense than yoga, but it produces positive results faster than the latter. Regular Pilates flattens the stomach, strengthens abdominal muscles and lengthens the body.

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