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Family Constellation Courses
Family Constellation workshops and Training

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Spiritual Healing Courses
Genome Healing

On completion of the 2 day Basic and 5 day Intensive courses, you will have the skills and confidence for self-help as well as to help others

FAQs About Polarity Therapy Courses

What is polarity exercise?

Polarity exercises are prescribed to clients during a polarity therapy session to reorganise their energy systems. It consists of meditation, manual techniques, nutrition, yoga, and a sequence of physical exercises intended for the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

What is a polarity therapist?

A polarity therapist reorganises the energy systems in the mind, body, emotions and spirit to bring a person's state of health back to equilibrium.

Who developed Polarity Therapy?

Polarity therapy was created by Randolph Stone, an osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath, based on the concept that energy makes matter seem alive.

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