Online Energy Healing Courses

Online Energy Healing Courses (Australia)

ASHATI Institute of Energy Healing

$1250 Full training program (10 attunements + 6 workshops), weekends only. Small group workshops. For personal development or professional training.    Includes...

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic healing system that focuses on clearing negative blocks in the energy pathways that cause symptoms of physical, emotional and mental health disorders. This process activates the body's innate ability to heal itself.

A qualified energy healer uses a variety of modalities to facilitate the entry of positive energy into a person's body and eliminate all negative conditions.

How does one become an energy healer?

If you've been told before by others that you possess the unique ability of an intuitive healer, that's an indicator that you may have the inherent power to heal using life force energy. Aside from this innate ability, though, you have to obtain the necessary qualifications and training to be qualified to practice. Applying for membership with a professional association like the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA) is also going to help boost your career.

What courses can I take online to be an energy healer?

There are several energy healing courses to consider online. You may opt for a Reiki certificate program and even further your knowledge and abilities by studying Crystal Healing or Chakra and Aura Healing. Taking up supplemental courses is highly recommended because it will fill your toolkit with varied healing techniques.

What are the requirements for an online energy healing course?

Aside from having a computer and a reliable internet connection set up in your house, you have to pass the interview or assessment test, whichever the school provides, and then you're ready to start the coursework.

What topics are covered in an online energy healing course?

You will study the concept of energy healing and various energy systems and their connection to the physical body. Your instructor will also equip you with various tools and techniques that will come in handy during your clinical training as well as your actual practice.