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FAQs About Sports Injury Therapy Courses

How do you heal a sports injury?

Minor sports injuries, like an ankle sprain, can be resolved in two to three days through self-treatment. The first step is to relieve swelling in the injured area by applying an ice pack to it for about 15 minutes, while wrapped in a compression bandage, and then elevate it. If the extent of the injury requires professional care, it's worth seeking the help of a sports injury therapist.

How can I speed up healing?

To heal your sports injury faster, avoid strenuous activities, eat more protein and fibre-rich foods, and change the wound dressing regularly.

What helps ligaments heal faster?

Adding more protein to your diet will help repair torn ligaments quickly. You need to load up on meat, fish eggs, nuts and dairy products. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C will also speed up the recovery process as well as the mineral zinc, which reduces inflammation and regenerates new skin tissue.

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