Sports Injury Therapy

What is sports injury therapy?

Sports Injury Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on the treatment of injuries affecting the muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons. It incorporates various techniques such as stretching, strengthening and mobilising the affected area during the treatment process. It should be remembered that sports injury therapy is not only available for professional sportspeople or athletes but it can also be used for people who sustained injuries or suffering from trauma in their everyday lives, whether it is through exercise or accidents. It aims to relieve pain first and then restore the injured area to normal function and also promote optimal function to the whole body.

What is Sports Injury Therapy & What are Common Sports Injuries?

Common sports injuries and how to treat them

The following are some common sports injuries and tips on how to treat them:

  • Ankle sprain - it is important to exercise to prevent any loss of strength and flexibility. It is important to know the exercises that are safe to perform
  • Groin pull - most groin injuries can be healed using compression, ice and rest. Quickly returning to full activity can aggravate a groin pull and can turn into a long-term problem
  • Hamstring strain - they are slow to heal because of the constant stress being applied to the injured are from walking. 
  • Shin splints - the mainstay of treatment for this injury include rest, ice, and over-the-counter pain medicine
  • Knee injury: Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear - ACL tears are considered the most severe of the common sports injuries and usually require surgery right away to remain physically active
  • Knee injury: Patellofemoral syndrome - Patellofemoral pain usually takes aup to six weeks to heal up. It is important to perform low-impact exercise during this time. Also, working the quadriceps out can relieve pain
  • Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis) - they usually clear up by staying off the court or golf course until the pain has improved.

What to expect from sports injury therapy

During the session of a sports injury therapy, the practitioner usually performs the following functions:

  • treatment and rehabilitation of injuries sustained
  • increase physical fitness and mobility
  • offer tips on injury prevention
  • improve athletic performance
  • develop treatment plans appropriate to the client’s specific needs
  • use therapeutic modalities such as heat packs, ice packs, bandages, massage, and TENS machines in treating injuries