What is Time Line Therapy®?

Time Line Therapy® allows people to shift limiting thoughts about themselves and release negative emotions that get in the way of their success and happiness. According to the modality's founder Dr Tad James, everyone has a timeline of their life events. Attached to each event is a memory that carries a specific emotion which can be positive or negative. 

Through Time Line Therapy®, you can erase the negative emotions associated with those events effortlessly and never have to experience them again, even if a situation that would normally make you feel bad arises in the future.

Time Line Therapy Courses in Australia

Why Study Time Line Therapy®?

Studying Time Line Therapy® will benefit the personal and professional areas of your life in more ways than you could imagine. Not only will you be able to eradicate negative emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, fear and hurt, which are the culprits of illnesses, but you will also be able to help others improve the quality of their lives as they learn to:

  • Regain their confidence
  • Eliminate stress
  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Silence the negative voice in their heads
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Acknowledge their self-worth

What Does It Take to Study Time Line Therapy® or Become a Practitioner of It?

To be able to understand the principle of Time Line Therapy® and appreciate its positive impact on people's lives, you have to be willing to work with the subconscious mind, where everyone's timeline is stored.

Also, you must be empathetic, compassionate and optimistic. These qualities will enable you to help others set and achieve their goals regardless of their past experiences. Your educational or professional background doesn't matter; you can improve your capacity to heal others through a Time Line Therapy® course. 

Course and Study Options for Time Line Therapy®

A two-week course in Time Line Therapy® is more than enough to change your perspective on life and boost your career in complementary medicine by leaps and bounds. The Time Line Therapy® Practitioner certification course is the first stage of your journey to becoming an effective practitioner of the modality. This course takes you through the principles and processes of NLP and hypnosis as well.

A master practitioner training course is an advanced program that takes you deeper into the subject so that you can assist more people in facilitating their healing and personal growth. Upon obtaining your certification, you can go on to work with a more diverse clientele. 

How to Choose a School or Course in Time Line Therapy®

So many schools claim to hold expertise in Time Line Therapy® training, but the only way to find out if they speak the truth is by checking their curriculum. If your goal is to become a qualified practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, it would be wise to choose a course provider that is accredited by the Time Line Therapy® Association. Doing so reassures you that the training you will receive covers all of the techniques that Dr Tad James has developed. 

To find a qualified course provider whose offerings match your requirements and align with your career goals, scroll to the top of this page. You may contact them directly to enquire about their course material, tuition fees and accreditation.