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Time Line Therapy Courses (Australia)

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Time Line Therapy® training will teach you a collection of techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life.

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Time Line Therapy® is the most powerful technique on the planet! It's used to gain total emotional freedom,create powerful beliefs and create a desirable...

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FAQs About Time Line Therapy Courses

Can you do time line therapy on yourself?

Yes, you can apply Time Line Therapy on yourself to remove negative emotions associated with events from your past. Taking a course in this modality will equip you with the skills to achieve this.

What is the appropriate intervention for trauma using Time Line Therapy?

In a Time Line Therapy session, the client isn't asked to relive a painful memory, although it may happen. If it does, the practitioner guides them in identifying what triggered them to feel that way instead of focusing on the event itself. Once the reason for the feeling has been discovered, the emotion disappears just like that.

What is the difference between association and dissociation in NLP?

In the context of NLP, association refers to perceiving yourself to be a part of an experience or directly connected with it. Dissociation takes place when you perceive yourself as a spectator of an event, watching and observing as it unfolds before you.

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