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Sara Herring

Sara Herring - Heal From the Inside out!

Cheltenham, VIC, 3192

Member since 2015

Healing from the Inside Out using Natural Therapy, Incorporating ThetaHealing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Resource Therapy, Theta Hypnotherapy, Counselling.

Hypnotherapist Insomnia Allergies Bad habits Belief systems Lifestyle Well-being Quit smoking First aid training Joy

Sharon Rush

Sharon Rush - Women's Counsellor & Nutritionist

Moorabbin, VIC, 3189

Member since 2018

Sharon Rush is a Melbourne based Womens Counsellor & Nutritionist who provides both in house and mobile counselling services...

Teenagers Cravings Stress management Depression Mood disorders Communication skills Trauma Disconnection Postnatal support Parenting

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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Pauline Harry

About Pauline Harry - Facilitator of Change

Mentone, VIC, 3194

Member since 2014

  “Everything is achievable when we allow our mind to transcend limitation.”- Pauline Harry   Session     Newsletter     Courses  

Reading Transformation Relaxation Finances Sexuality Overwhelm Happiness F5 Anxiety Trauma

Catherine Saliba

Spiritual Nutrition

Moorabbin, VIC, 3189

Member since 2021

In this space, your life journey and all of your feelings are celebrated. In this space, we acknowledge and tend to your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. No matter what stage of inner exploration you are at, you will find guidance here to bring you toward greater clarity, grounding, love, connection and inner peace. Book your session online!

Telehealth Online session Distance healing Distant reiki Feng shui flying stars Chakra healing Chakra balancing Sound healing Energy work In clinic sessions

Russell Cunningham

Welcome to the Australian Institute of Self Development

Bentleigh East, VIC, 3165

Member since 2006

discover the easy way to get rapid lasting results, Relationships, Self Development Career or Leading Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping Trainer and Practitioner since 2003 NLP Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy since 2000Emotional Freedom Techniques Master Trainer

Coaching Self-development Tapping Emotional wellbeing Shoulder pain Cancer management Stress management Trauma Emotions Energy

Hynotherapy, Tapping, Dowsing

Integrated, effective healing

Oakleigh, VIC, 3166

Member since 2011

Stress Specialist

Phobias Empath Memory Distant healing Energy clearing Fears Swallowing Business Remote healing Subconscious

Danielle Tooley

Vitality & You - About

Hughesdale, VIC, 3166

Member since 2020

Can I tell you a secret?.... The Access Bars® literally changed my life! Welcome! I am so excited that you have landed on my page. I wonder what do YOU know is possible for your life and living?  Can you imagine the change that could be available for YOU when you tap into what you know is TRUE for YOU? Could you imagine having ease with money, greater relationships, better health, a thriving business and a fun and joyful life and living? It all...

Access consciousness Coaching Love Business Body issues Anxiety Creativity Stress management Tension Embodiment

Challenge Life International - Counselling

Young Adults

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2009

Counselling Young Adults covers topics including (But not limited to) -Family conflict -Depression -Anxiety -Anger management -Behavioural concerns -Self-esteem -Confidence      -Self harm SESSIONS CAN BE HELD AT OUR OFFICE IN WHEELERS HILL OR WE CAN COME TO YOU!

Fears Phobias Young adult issues Anxiety Family therapy Adolescents Depression Adventure therapy Mental health Parenting

Ilana Laps Counselling & Pyschotherapy

Ilana Laps - Workshops

Chadstone, VIC, 3148

Member since 2011

Harness the power of your dreams and learn how to live the life you've always wanted, when you organise your spot in an upcoming Dream Workshop at Dream Lab in Elwood. Suitable for people of all ages

Grief Growth Panic attacks Energy Happiness Well-being Sadness Literacy Elderly Nurturing

Mayda Parseghian

QHHT Past Life Regression, Reconnective Healing & Reconnection

Malvern East, VIC, 3145

Member since 2008

Welcome to Reconnect to Heal a holistic practice promoting healing and wellness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. We offer QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection for healing,, transformation and to empower your life and achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Transformation Vitality Emotional wellbeing Life purpose Disabilities Well-being Energy Akashic records reading Quantum healing Joy

Denise Robinson

By The Bay Kinesiology - Kinesiology Sessions | Soul Embodiment Alchemy Grids | Kinesiology Courses

Chelsea, VIC, 3196

Member since 2005

Natural Therapy for Mind, Body & Soul WellbeingKinesiology Sessions Soul Embodiment Alchemy Grid Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology...

Fears Chronic skin conditions Face to face appointments Nurturing Family health Astrology Life path Tiredness Love Loneliness

Dana Buczek

Dana Buczek - Qi Gong Workshops

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2010

Qi Gong, Workshop, Energy Healing Online, Reiki Online, Qi Gong Online, Tai Chi Online

Addiction Headaches Muscle pain Physical discomfort Back pain Tissue salts Allergies Flexibility Anger Memory

Amira Kay

Heart & Mind

Balaclava, VIC, 3183
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

Member since 2006

 Over 20 years experience as a registered clinical psychotherapist, counsellor and wellness coach with a specialty in addiction counselling and weight management.   My motto is:The mind thinks, the heart knows.

Happiness Emotions Stress management Boundaries Telehealth Well-being Trauma Addiction
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

Paul Turner Publications & Osteopathy

Paul Turner Publications & Osteopathy

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2011

Paul uses a Holistic Osteopathic approach to improve health. Paul uses traditional and craniosacral techniques to support the restoration of balanced relationships between all conflicted tissues and organs of the body, emotions, mind and spirit and between past issues or trauma patterns (stored in the tissues) and the presenting issue.  Paul also runs workshops, has a holistic education online school and other publications to enhance healing.

Insomnia Manipulation Self awareness Asthma Energy Headaches Pregnancy support Rehabilitation Menstrual pain Lymphatic congestion

Kerry Dean

Balance Naturopathy

Wheelers Hill, VIC, 3150

Member since 2017

Welcome to Balance Naturopathy Helping people to achieve ideal health balance naturally. We believe in working with the individual to create long lasting sustainable health.

Fibromyalgia Plant-based nutrition Mentoring

Tanya Routley

Tanya Routley TLC - Contact Us

Malvern, VIC, 3144

Member since 2005

Tanya Routley TLC - call 0425 777 837 or go to National and International bookings available via Zoom.

Emotional eating Adults Addiction Headaches Trauma Anxiety Natural health Growth Resilience Pressure points

Sonia Belluci

Sonia Bellucci - Medical Intuitive, Wholistic Counsellor and Nutrition Coaching

Malvern, VIC, 3144

Member since 2014

Feeling confused, lethargic and stagnant? You may be carrying density in your energy field on many levels (physical, emotional, mental level) that needs to be cleared. Sonia has the profound gift to read your energy field on all level revealing to you where the density originates from!  

Phobias Physical health Overwhelm Complementary Constipation Mental health Love Allergies Regression therapy Essential oils

Margaret Scott

About AusHealth Consulting

Dandenong, 3175

Member since 2015

Free yourself from fear. Life Style Mentoring; Mindful Medicine Techniques: ROF Energy Techniques Taught to You! Specializing in adolescents with Anxiety and Stress. Remote, Treatments Streaming Consciousness associated with Pranic Healing.

Assessments Zoom consultations Stress management Mediation Energy Joy Business Remote treatment Anxiety Phobias


Family Constellations - Group Sessions

Malvern, VIC, 3144

Member since 2019

Family, Relationships & Business Constellations MOVEMENTS OF THE SOULANCESTRAL HEALING

Happiness Grief Trauma Telehealth Face to face appointments Coaching Complementary Mental health Reading Self-love

Lianne Watson

Amazing Scents Aromatherapy

Dandenong, VIC, 3175

Member since 2017

Aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils for therapeutic, mood enhancing and cosmetic benefits - basically it's old time pharmacy. 

Skin care Adrenal fatigue Anxiety Emotions Essential oils Stress management Pain management Toxin reduction

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