Personal Training

What is personal training?

Personal training is a service that provides effective exercise plans that is catered towards the specific needs of the individual. Personal trainers are trained in various fields such as nutrition, health screening, exercise science, and fitness assessment to help the client do more that just simply working out. They also provide instruction, guidance, and motivation.

What is Personal Training & What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Benefits of personal training

Regular physical that is complimented by the assistance and support of a personal trainer provides several benefits which include:

  • Improved physical appearance
  • More energy and stamina
  • Lower or increase body weight
  • Lower body fat
  • Decreased risk of diseases
  • More positive self-esteem
  • Better sleeping patterns

To chart individual progress, measurements may be taken regularly such as:

  • weight
  • cardiovascular improvements
  • percentage of body fat and other body measurements
  • level of muscle strength 
  • level of flexibility 
  • level of endurance

What does a personal trainer do?

Personal trainers are fitness experts who design specific, step-by-step programs to help clients achieve their fitness goals gradually, without sustaining injuries. Several athletes often seek help from personal trainers to assist them with sport specific programs. In each program, lower-body and upper-body strength training and stretching exercises are used including core stability and aerobic exercises. The trainers will teach their clients the correct and proper way performing exercises and using the various kinds of exercise equipment.

Personal trainers follow the following pillars of fitness to get the person in top condition:

  • Posture - helps in reducing strain and stress in the body. Additionally, the person can stand taller, move better, and feel less fatigue.
  • Mobility - allows the body to move pain free and with a good range of motion
  • Core - helps stabilize the body, which makes moving more efficient and safer.
  • Strength - helps develop strong bones, manage weight, and perform daily activities easier and better
  • Cardio - helps in strengthen stamina and endurance which allows burning more calories