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This is a one-year teacher training program that gives the student excellent training in the ability to teach Yoga and also in personal development.

Diploma of Classical Yoga

If you undertake the Classical Yoga Teacher training, you will also explore the enquiry into the experience of life, being, and reality, made by the Yoga Sutras. You will learn how to practise and teach all eight Limbs of Yoga.

The result for you is that not only will you become competent to teach the postures of Yoga, you will be a teacher with an understanding of what YOGA is. You will have more skills than only Asana, increasing your teaching options. And most importantly, you will have the option to take that path towards deep transformation, which is the birthright of all of us.

Start Date: Yearly intakes beginning February.

Course Length: One Year


  • at least one years experience in asana
  • Letter of referral from current teacher
  • Willing to take up still-mind meditation


  • Current practice of still-mind meditation.
  • 2 years experience in asana

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