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MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary

Mysan Sidbo

Unit 4
11-13 Chochrone St
Kincumber NSW 2251

Servicing area: Kincumber NSW

Our MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary course includes incorporating the body, environment, mind, and awareness, encouraging transformation and growth.

Yoga Nidra, SOMA Pilates & Meditation Classes

Classes Offered

Sanctuary lessons vary from peace in reflection to strong yoga activities. A soft style of Hatha yoga is presented throughout the course to the more vigorous asana practice. Every class is influenced by all our highly educated instructors and their personal lives as well as yoga encounters – every instructor teaches students in a variety of styles, but all of our teachers direct you comfortably, gently and respectfully so that you gain from your yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga

Uses asanas to stretch and enhance the body and demonstrate breathing consciousness. Hatha Yoga is used to carry the body, mind and heart, harmony, flexibility, and a sense of freedom.

Vinyasa Yoga

In Sanskrit means "flow." The Vinyasa exercise involves Hatha yoga poses, which are arranged together in a breath-flowing series, with one posing proceeding to the next. This is a dynamic and productive operation.

Yin Yoga

By using lengthy pause postures directed at the deeper fascia of the body, Yin Yoga is a smoother and quieter place for tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones, in which many people suffer pain and injury owing to too much practice.

Yin/Yang Yoga

A complex mixture of fluid motion practice and yin yoga strength.

SOMA Pilates

A Greek word means ‘living body’. The practice of SOMA Pilates is here to motivate you to develop the way of using and rotating your muscles. Taking a closer look at how our bodies are being used and changed and the way they act takes us into the realm of rebirth, which means having bodily experiences that alter our actions and emotion.

Yoga Nidra

A horizontal type of meditation that utilises the entire body to create a fully concentrated mind that results in absolute rest.


A diligent activity to work within and relax. You are directed through the practice to experience and hear you during each meditation class. Increasing your discovery will lead you elsewhere as well. Mediation is a good way to take a well-deserved rest from our quickly changing life.

Pricing and Passes

  • Drop-in class - $22 (drop-in to a single class) 
  • Intro Pass 5 Classes in 20 Days - $25 (valid for 10 days. No extensions available on the intro pass)
  • 10 Pass -  $170 (valid for 10 weeks, this pass can be extended if you let us know before the expiry date) 
  • Monthly Unlimited Pass - $170 (attend as many classes as you like. No extensions available on the monthly unlimited) 

Concession Prices 

  • Concession Drop-in - $20 (concession card needed) 
  • Concession 10 Pass - $155 (valid for 10 weeks, concession card needed, this pass can be extended if you let us know before the expiry date. 
  • Concession Monthly Unlimited - $155 (concession card needed, attend as many classes as you like, no extensions available on the monthly unlimited)

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