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O'Neill Kinesiology College

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O'Neill Kinesiology College

About O'Neill Kinesiology College

We are Western Australia’s premier training college for kinesiology study and our kinesiology clinic is staffed by highly skilled, qualified practitioners who can help with a range of health and well-being issues.

Enjoy a journey into the world of kinesiology whether it be as a client having private consultations to address your health issues or if you’re searching for a life changing career then learn kinesiology and become a Practitioner today. We can help you with both. We invite you to explore our site or come and visit our college and clinic located only 10mins from the city in Myaree.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to long-lasting health and vitality, with results that can be felt immediately.

It melds ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western physiological healing sciences to address a wide-range of physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and spiritual issues.

What makes kinesiology unique is that the Kinesiologist is not the dispenser of healing knowledge to the client but rather the facilitator of the body’s own intelligence to be healed and whole. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access all the physical, emotional and mental systems of the body. Every muscle in the body is connected to our central nervous system (brain) and when our brain registers stress this interferes with the neurological circuit and causes a muscle response. It is from this muscle response that the practitioner can identify all the stresses involved in the clients issue whether it be physical, emotional, mental, nutritional or a combination of these.

Using the same muscle response the practitioner can also identify what corrections the body needs to come back into balance. These corrections can include meridian and acupressure stimulation, emotional stress release techniques, muscle stimulation, sound therapy, flower essences and specific exercises. Everyone can benefit from kinesiology, from the unwell to the very fit. Adults, children, men and women use it to improve performance in many areas of their life such as education, sports, business, finance and relationships.

While Kinesiology helps a wide range of health issues you don’t need to be sick to a see a kinesiologist. It can help you make positive changes and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Diploma of KInesiology

  • Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415

    Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415

    The diploma program armed me with state of the art kinesiology knowledge and techniques, this in turn nurtured and supported my own growth-...

Advanced Diploma of Functional Kinesiology