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Margaret Bailitis - Psychology with a Soul

Margaret Bailitis - Psychosynthesis Counselling

Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Member since 2011

  Mind, body, feelings and spirit are fully acknowledged.

Anxiety Trauma Personal growth Well-being Childhood trauma Self-confidence Growth Abuse Self-esteem Forgiveness

Barbara Novak

Barbara Novak


Member since 2018

If not now, when? Now is the best time to shift 1% or maybe 100% towards what you really want. Is it possible? Absolutely!!

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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Bernadette Ginnane

Readings and Counselling

1 Golf ST, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Member since 2019

Intuitive Channelling, Card Reading, Numerology Readings, Spiritual and Emotional Counselling

Overwhelm Inner child work Nurturing Anxiety Abuse Chakras Shadow work Relaxation Creative blocks Sexual abuse

Anne Arrowsmith

Clinical Therapist

Port Macquarie, 2444

Member since 2017

Life happens, but you don't have to pile everything that comes your way until your path is blocked by hardships and obstacles. Allow Anne to assist you in tackling your roadblocks and living a more fulfilling life filled with joy and satisfaction.

Telehealth Addiction Depression Subconscious Coaching Family therapy Anxiety Personal issues Relationship issues Relationship coaching

Letticia Lyon


Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Member since 2016

Counselling, Life Coaching, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Men's Health, Mindfulness, Psychology, Holistic Counselling, Wellness...

Tracey Morley

Tracey Lee Morley

Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Member since 2017

30 years experienced eclectic naturopath specialising in western herbal medicne and homoepathy

Health issues Herbalist Complex health issues

Janette Bailey

Life Coaching & Couples Counselling (Face-to-face & Online)


Member since 2019

Here at Back on Track Counseling, we collaborate happily with your health professionals to develop holistic resources for your...

Supervision Abuse Solution-focused therapy Relaxation Grief Parenting Coaching Personal growth Physical health Mental health

Whispering Butterflies - Roxanne Tickle

Macksville, NSW, 2447

Member since 2018

Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Holistic Counselling

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