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Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Vively Health

Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Member since 2022

Working with your doctor and other providers to improve your PCOS symptoms is crucial but it can be exhausting because of ineffective...

Telehealth Online consultations Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Holistic practitioner Holistic wellness Irregular periods Acne Hormonal acne Anxiety Menstrual health

Vively Health

Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Basin Pocket, QLD, 4305

Member since 2022

Working with your doctor and other providers to improve your PCOS symptoms is crucial but it can be exhausting because of ineffective...

Telehealth Online consultations Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Holistic practitioner Holistic wellness Irregular periods Acne Hormonal acne Anxiety Menstrual health

Katrina Froome

Katrina Froome Naturopathy

Ipswich, QLD, 4305

Member since 2017

Naturopath for Womens', Childrens' and Digestive Health Repair, Re-balance, Restore

Exhaustion Natural medicine Menopause Menstruation Anxiety Acne Eczema Digestive health Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

Barb & Chris Jamesson


Ipswich, QLD, 4305

Member since 2016

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Wellness Coaching

Conflict resolution Vision Telehealth Business Focus Communication Learning difficulties Coaching Stress

Debora Casey

Debora Casey

Ipswich, QLD, 4305

Member since 2013

Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Wellness Coaching, Hypnotherapy Online, Life Coaching Online, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Online, Wellness Coaching Online, Executive Coaching Online

Face to face appointments Overwhelm Anxiety Energy Well-being Achieving success Emotion recognition Neck pain Goal setting Focus

Deidre Evans

Life Coaching - New DAE Life Consultancy

Springfield Lakes, QLD, 4300

Member since 2014

As your Life Coach I can help you to develop the happiness, congruency and peace of mind that comes only from true inner fulfilment by clarifying your truest values and creating a life that expresses them.

Business Memory Purpose Stress management Negative emotions Trauma Goal setting Happiness Love Fears

Anthony Do

Anthony Do Personal Training

Centenary HWY, JINDALEE, QLD, 4074

Member since 2019

Personal Training, Weight Loss, Wellness Coaching

Deanne Bromham ND

Elixir & Life

Graceville, QLD, 4075

Member since 2009

“Nutrition and Herbal Medicine can really impact positively on people’s wellbeing and can be used alongside modern medicine or on their own.”

Transformation Happiness Lifestyle Nervous system Arthritis Emotions Fatigue Energy Detoxification Endometriosis

Fleur Price

Fleur Price Naturopath - Naturopathy & Nutrition

Parkinson, QLD, 4115

Member since 2011

If you have been feeling unwell lately or feel you could be better I will help you on your path to more vibrant energy and lasting health solutions.

Natural health Memory Wellness Well-being Fatigue Inflammation Health issues Health assessment Energy Reduce inflammation

Insight Into Self Care

Insight Into Self Care

Algester, QLD, 4115

Member since 2021

Lymphatic Drainage, Compression Therapy, Womens Health, Massage

Weight management Lymphatic congestion Self-development Lymphatics Lymphedema Full body massage Natural medicine Alternative medicine Reduce inflammation Detox programs

Character Care


Member since 2018

What One’s Mind Creates, One’s Character Can Control

Leadership Professional supervision Loss Family therapy Vision Personal growth Anxiety Mental health Coaching Emotional intelligence

Lisa Cutforth

Clinical Nutritionist specialising in DNA testing, allergies, healthy weight management, gut health

The Gap, 4061

Member since 2009

Lisa Cutforth is a degree qualified clinical nutritionist with over 16 years practical experience. She has extensive experience in specialised nutrition clinical testing including DNA analysis (nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics), organic acid testing, food intolerance testing, stool testing, dry urine hormone tests, and neurobiogenic amine testing. With a degree in psychology and also a certificate in cordon bleu cookery Lisa is well equipped to help...

Healthy eating Cooking workshops Coaching Subconscious Joy F5 Depression Business Well-being Food intolerance

Sarah Tuckett

Body Psychotherapy

Toowong, QLD, 4066

Member since 2014

Body psychotherapy - Counselling - Dance-Movement Therapy

Pets Tension Lymphatic system Circulation Well-being Depression Loss Abuse Flexibility Life transitions

Be Well Vitality


West End, QLD, 4101

Member since 2015

You are stressed out, tired, working hard and you know deeply it’s time to be back to self-care. You think you don’t have time to make changes or you will not be able to do it.  I hear you!  Our Nutrition Starter Pack is the best way to discover a sustainable way to manage your ideal weight, optimise your vitality and feel calm and focussed.   The best place to start is where you are now!  

Bloating Fatigue Self-care Mindset Movement Weight management Private health Wellness Food sensitivities Stress management

Roberta Fawdry

How You Move

13 Browning ST, SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD, 4101

Member since 2019

Building better, stronger, resilient, and adaptable bodies through awareness, education and support.

Kinesiotaping Bodywork Emotions Telehealth Taping Vision Structural bodywork Movement F5

Jane Lindsay

About Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath

Bardon, QLD, 4065

Member since 2009

Jane Lindsay is a qualified, registered Homeopath working in the Brisbane area at Wooloowin and at The Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre. If youre looking for a natural path back to balance and good health, call Jane and chat about how she...

Gut Health Love Hypertension Vitality Well-being Trauma Stenosis Emotions Colic Health issues

Sandra Hotz - Healing Trauma from the Source

Sandra Hotz - Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Paddington, QLD, 4064

Member since 2016

Stress and trauma can affect our health and lifestyle choices. Together, we can examine your lifestyle choices and health issues and create a new program that supports your mental and physical health!

Exhaustion Fears Trauma Transformation Tension Trauma release Supplements Stress Trauma healing Holistic therapy

Megan Bakewell

Herbal Mixtures, Naturopathy, Australian Bush and Bach Flower Essences & Iridology

Ashgrove, QLD, 4060

Member since 2015

Learn how herbal mixtures and other forms of holistic therapy can support your health and keep diseases at bay.

Herbalist Well-being Asthma Constipation Boundaries Diarrhoea Chronic skin conditions Depression Telehealth Health issues

Christine Reynolds

Restore Nutrition

Ashgrove, QLD, 4060

Member since 2017

Digestive Health NutritionThe health of your digestive system is the cornerstone of your wellbeing.

Pets Inflammation Hormones Stress management Chronic health issues Fatigue Gut Health Wellness Parasites Infections

Ruth Sladek

Ruth Sladek - The Soul Space

Ferny Hills, 4055

Member since 2009

Nurture your soulEmpowering you to embrace Complete Health and inspiring you to fall in love with who you truly are.

Telehealth Vitality Love

Zoe Davis

The New Leaf Coaching and Kinesiology

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2007

Clear the rubbish off your life path and get back on track - est 1997 - kinesiology & coaching | sessions & healing programs | clinic & phone consults

Learning difficulties Control issues Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Eating disorders Career coaching Loss Astrology Energy blocks Depression Love

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