Best Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioners in Whale Beach NSW

Jackie Hughes

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Kinesiologist

Mona Vale, NSW, 2103

Member since 2010

When something bothers you, it’s important to get to the root of the problem otherwise, it will keep happening. You don't have...

Stress management Grief Smoking cessation Bereavement Self-empowerment Spiritual development Love Forgiveness Anxiety Teenagers

Anni Casey

Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Emotional Freedom Technique

Beacon Hill, NSW, 2100

Member since 2004

Let your mind become your best friend rather than your worst enemy with the help from an experienced hypnotherapist who will...

Well-being Smoking cessation Chakras Anger Tension Fears Tapping Self-esteem Lifestyle Life path

Jo May

Release With Love - I release Trapped Emotions from your body using The Emotion Code modality

Forestville, NSW, 2087

Member since 2022

Release With Love - Release your Trapped Emotions - Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even physical pain. Trapped emotions affect our mental, physical, and emotional health. Would you like to release your Trapped Emotions and feel better? Find out how an Emotion Code session with Jo can help you: book a free 20-minute call with Jo today!

Telehealth Energy work Muscle testing Emotion code Emotional blockages Releasing emotional pain Clearing emotional baggage Emotional wellbeing Online consultations Pet therapy

Elaine Oliver

A Better Balance - For the Body and Mind

Manly, NSW, 2095

Member since 2007

Free yourself from physical and emotional pain, specialising in digestive health, Fatigue, sleep problems, Limiting beliefs and...

Fears Anxiety Children's anxiety Digestive health Quit smoking Stress management Hypnotherapist Mental health Energy Trauma

Alison van Vuuren

HappiSoul - Accredited EFT Coaching with Alison van Vuuren

Manly, NSW, 2095

Member since 2011

Supporting you to transform Trauma, Pain & Overwhelm including limiting beliefs into acceptance and inner peace.

Chronic health issues Supervision Purpose Trauma Physical pain Fears Overwhelm Matrix reimprinting Cravings Complementary

Eri Totsuka

Eri Totsuka - Energy Healing

St Ives, 2075

Member since 2019

Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness, Access Bars, Holistic Counselling Online, Mindfulness Online, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Online, Energy Healing Online, Spiritual Healing Online

Massage therapy Energetics Access consciousness Telehealth Memory Physical health Face to face appointments Facelifts Distance healing Purpose

Caroline McKenna

Caroline McKenna - Mind

Mosman, NSW, 2088

Member since 2004

Chill Pill Therapies offers a selection of modalities aimed at improving your life starting with your mind. These modalities include healing techniques geared at non-physical techniques.

Insomnia Digestive disorders Bad habits Telehealth Feeling stuck Tension Joint pain Joy Reflux Trauma

Lyn Megan Macpherspn

Harmony Hypnotherapy

Mosman, NSW, 2088

Member since 2017

Experience Transformative Change Today - Lyn is a leading, cutting edge Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Psychotherapist.Specialising...

Bullying Trauma Adults Stress management Phobias Weight management Relaxation Fears Mediation Social anxiety

Helen Efstathiou

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Cammeray, NSW, 2062

Member since 2014

Seeking a life coach when life is not going as you expected or you’re struggling in some areas of your life would be a great idea if you want to achieve success, love, and happiness while striving in your relationships, career, or desired goals. Book your appointment with Helen now!

Ageing Chakras Hydration Neck tension Essential oils Flexibility Gua sha Subconscious Detoxification Anger

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

Member since 2012

Welcome to Intuitive Healing A shift in consciousness, creating a new reality.

Emotional wellbeing Growth Energy Joy Intuitive healing Personal growth Tension Gong Vibrational medicine Energetics

Wellness Empowerment and Train

Wellness Empowerment

Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

Member since 2017

We offer Kinesiology, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Aromatic Medicine, Naturopathy, Time Line Therapy, Metaphysical Anatomy

Emotions Coaching Self-development Personal growth Positive psychology Business Reconnection Growth Vision Family health

Khadine Aharon

EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques

North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Member since 2015

Embrace Empowerment… Embrace your Life… Transforming pain, anxiety and trauma into peace, emotional freedom and happiness.It’s time to create the life you want.

Public speaking Flexibility Joy Mental health Love Reading Emotions Mindset Face to face appointments Aura

Terrie Beresford

About Terrie

North Ryde, NSW, 2113

Member since 2004

For me naturopathy is not just a job but a way of life.

Lupus Energy Stomach pain Eczema Circulation Panic attacks Graves disease Fibromyalgia Digestive disorders Psoriasis

Natalie Lascelles

Private Psychotherapy Sessions for Individuals & Couples

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2004

Pain and suffering are inevitable parts of life. Whether you’re facing a crisis or in need of a meaningful connection, Natalie can help. Call or email for an in-person/Skype session.

Fears Business Creativity Love Anxiety Trauma Transformation Hormones Stress management Couples therapy

Megan Chambers

Being introverted, empathic or highly sensitive is not a disability – it’s your super-power!

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2009

Have you ever been told you’re ‘too sensitive’? Are you drained from taking on others’ negative energy? You could handle the world just fine if it weren’t for all the people in it! You CAN have peace and emotional balance without having to hide away from everyone in the world.

Tapping Nervous system Stress management Well-being Emotions Anxiety Work stress Fears Trauma Telehealth

Karen Degen

Set Free with EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2014

Helping you to free yourself from the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back in life. Working Australia wide via Skype.

Telehealth Weight management Emotional wellbeing Finances Anger Phobias Sports performance Internal medicine Transformation Happiness

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson EFT Practitioner [Free Session]

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2018

Free Session. Email first rather than phone please. I will get back to you via email. Mark Robinson is a highly skilled EFT Practitioner...

Mental health Face to face appointments

Sasha Crichton

Access Your Body’s Power to Heal Itself

Sydney, 2000

Member since 2021

//Release painful emotions and limiting beliefs // Experience clarity of mind // Connect with your greater you, and create a greater world for yourself and your loved ones//

Vision Habits Joy Values Anxiety Creativity Subconscious Family health Addiction Health & wellness

Stacey Bout

Holistic Kinesiologist, Health and Wellbeing Consultant and Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2014

You know you want change. You might know what you want to change, or maybe it's a feeling that "something" needs to change. Find out more about how Stacey can help you with a complimentary 15-minute consultation with her.

Gong Mind-body medicine Stress management Joy Focus Mental health & wellbeing Holistic wellbeing consultations Physical health Complementary medicine Emotions

Melissa Kovacevic

Clinical EFT (Tapping)

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2019

Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping for emotional eating and food cravings, stress and anxiety management, weight loss and body confidence. 

Emotional eating Healthy eating Tapping Love Frustration Energy Weight management Health goals Anxiety Cravings

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