What Is Human Biology?

Human biology is the study of human beings in relation to their biological structures and the functions of different organ systems in their bodies. It focuses on what human health entails and how to prevent all kinds of diseases and injuries. Healthcare professionals with a background in human biology play a pivotal role in helping the general public fight off infectious diseases and chronic conditions and, ultimately, achieve optimal health.

Human biology courses in Australia

Why Study Human Biology?

Studying human biology will help you understand how the cells, tissues, muscles and organs in the human body interact with each other to make the different systems in the body function optimally. It's an important field of study that will give anyone who wishes to launch a healthcare career a solid grounding in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and several other areas of biology.

In addition to gaining an insight into the various physical and chemical processes of the body, completing a course in human biology will unlock different learning pathways to advanced healthcare qualifications. Whether you're thinking of earning a medical degree or studying physiotherapy afterwards, having a background in human biology will help you adapt quickly to your future learning environment.

What Does It Take to Study Human Biology or Become a Practitioner of It?

Anyone who cares about people and is deeply curious about the evolution of the human species should definitely consider a course in human biology. As it covers loads of knowledge, you should be a keen observer and prepared to take in new information. It also pays to have self-discipline and good time management skills. Most importantly, you must maintain a can-do attitude to make your learning journey easier and more enjoyable.

Course and Study Options for Human Biology

There are different qualification levels to consider in human biology. You can start with a certificate program then work your way up to a diploma course or a bachelor's degree. The things you will learn vary according to the course you choose. For instance, a short course focuses on basic anatomy, physiology and chemistry lessons. A pre-medical program, on the other hand, will take you further into the study through scientific research projects and a supervised clinical training.

Students of human biology can study in a face-to-face classroom setting or opt for distance learning. If you have a nine-to-five job, you can arrange for evening or weekend classes. Many course providers in Australia present different learning platforms to suit the schedule and lifestyle of each student.

How to Choose a School or Course in Human Biology

Some colleges and universities offer courses that run for six months, others have programs that take three or four years to complete. When deciding which school to enrol in, it's important to put your career plans in the forefront of your mind. The last thing you want is quitting midway through your course because you lost interest in it.

Another important factor to consider is the accreditation of a learning institution. See to it that the programs offered by the school have passed, if not exceeded, the educational standards set forth by the government for higher education providers. 

The comprehensive list of qualified course providers at the top of the page will assist you in finding a human biology course that suits your needs. Take the time to compare each school's offerings against the others. You may want to contact them directly to learn more about their programs, delivery methods and course fees. While at it, ask them if they offer VET student loans to assist you financially throughout your studies.