Create Your Reality - College of Kinesiology

Suite 8
183 Given Tce
Paddington QLD 4061

Servicing area: Australia Wide

Create Your Reality - College of Kinesiology

Leading the way in Kinesiology and Energy Medicine, we have crafted a qualification that will enable you to be at the top of your field as a kinesiologist.

Foundation & Diploma level courses available.

About the College

  • Founded by Guy Bennett,

  • Have been providing training since 2001

  • Formed as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 2008

  • A unique program that provides a deep insight into kinesiology

  • Blends Science and Energy Medicine

  • Commitment to quality and continuous improvement

  • Awakening inner healing potential

One of the defining features of the CYR College of Kinesiology curriculum is the special focus on ‘awakening your inner healing potential’. Kinesiology supports the individual to self-heal; the client is supported and stimulated to unblock and activate their own healing process. Create Your Reality fosters both the knowledge and personal growth that will give you the inner confidence to support your future clients through their journeys of change and growth.

Your Journey with The College

  1. Learning the technical kinesiology skills at a professional level,

  2. Leaning the professional skills to establish a successful kinesiology practice,

  3. Understanding the human body to be a successful kinesiologist,

  4. Understanding Energy Medicine to become a successful kinesiologist,

  5. To grow and evolve personally and spiritually to be able to support another through a healing and growth journey.

Support on Your Journey

Weekly supervised student practice sessions are conducted at the college and students are also encouraged to receive regular kinesiology sessions to enhance their learning experience.


The college is located in Paddington, Brisbane with plenty of on-site parking and convenient public transport. Positioned in Paddington’s busy café district – there are numerous eating choices within easy walking distance.