Beauty Therapy (Holistic)

Beauty Therapy (Holistic)

What is beauty therapy?

Beauty Therapy is the treatment of skin, hair and nails for aesthetic enhancement. It is usually done in a salon environment. It also provides relaxation treatments to clients such as massages and make-up.

Holistic Beauty Therapy Treatments Australia

What does a beauty therapist do?

A beauty therapist specialises in providing a variety of treatments and services to clients to help enhance and improve both physical appearance and confidence. In addition to demonstrating various beauty treatment the role of beauty therapists have, they also have a therapeutic element which can help the client’s sense of self-esteem and well-being.

The following are some typical responsibilities of beauty therapists:

  • Discuss available treatment options with new clients
  • Perform treatments including manicures, pedicures and hair removal
  • Apply makeup and other topical treatments
  • Offer advice on skincare, hair care and use of cosmetics
  • Identify and provide treatment for common minor skin problems
  • Perform massage and other therapeutic services

Different types of beauty therapy

Beauty therapy entail the following types of beautification, relaxation, and therapeutic services:

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Nail extensions and nail art
  • Facials
  • Hairdressing and hairstyling 
  • Body hair removal
  • Eyelash and eyebrow treatment
  • Make-up application
  • Body massage

In addition to traditional salon treatments, Holistic Beauty Therapy has also becoming increasingly popular. Many salons are now offering a range of body massage treatments and holistic treatments such as:

Benefits of beauty therapy

The following are some benefits that can be received from beauty therapy

  • Stress relief
  • Relaxing
  • Feeling beautiful and gaining confidence
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Improved personal hygiene

Additionally, visiting beauty salons may help the clients to:

  • Be updated with the current trends in the beauty industry
  • Receive proper treatment from professionals
  • Receive treatment from the clean and gentle hands of beauty therapists