Best NET Practitioners in Heathcote NSW

Kare Counselling & Kinesiology

Kerry Gallen

Kare Counselling & Kinesiology

Menai, NSW, 2234

Member since 2017

Kinesiology, Counselling, Educational Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Women's Health, Men's Health, Children's Health, Holistic Counselling, Neuro...

Fears Nervous system Anger Frustration Depression Migraine Writing Shoulder pain Guilt Shame
Claim Your Greater You - Take Action for Change Today

Sasha Crichton

Claim Your Greater You - Take Action for Change Today

Sydney, 2000

Member since 2021

Fast, evidence-based method to release addictions, and let go of painful emotions and limiting beliefs. Feel lighter with clarity of mind. Lean into your greater you in our revolutionary program.

Coaching Family health Adults Emotional wellbeing Grief Mindset Negative emotions Transformation Vision Habits

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