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Mindfulness Colac

Mindfulness (Colac)

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Between 0 and 5 km from Colac 3250

Colac, Victoria
Colac, VIC, 3250

Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Corporate Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Holistic Counselling, Meditation, Pregnancy Yoga, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Healing, Yoga (All). Find out more

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Between 60 and 65 km from Colac 3250

Based in Torquay. Retreats on the Surf Coast and Geelong
Jo Surkitt
Torquay, VIC, 3228

Creating Positive Change with individuals and in the Workplace.   Women's Wellbeing, Reflexology, Massage, Ear Candling, Wellness Coaching, Children's Wellbeing, Medical Intuition, Reiki, Energetic Healing, Mindfulness and Meditation. Find out more

Servicing the area of Torquay and the Surf Coast
Debbie Fowler
JAN JUC, VIC, 3228

Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Meditation, Reflexology, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Wellness Coaching, Workshop, Yoga (All). Find out more

Torquay, Victoria
Kim Bingham
Torquay, VIC, 3228

Kim dedicates her working life to help others connect to their hearts, to ignite more compassion within oneself and for others. To become mindful, self aware and understanding of oneself and their truth, to be the best version they desire of themselves they can be and flourish in all aspects of their lives. Find out more

Torquay, Victoria
Simone Albert
Torquay, VIC, 3228


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Between 70 and 75 km from Colac 3250

Marshall, Victoria
Sylvia Lane
Marshall, VIC, 3216

Qi Gong is an energy healing modality that uses the innate knowledge of the body’s internal and external energy fields to help remove toxins, cleanse, nourish and generally balance these energies. Find out more

Geelong and surrounding suburbs
Jillie Carter
Highton, VIC, 3216

Jillie A. Carter - Transformational Concepts. Find out more

Geelong, Torquay, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Highton, Queensliff, Anglesea, Juc Juc, Western VIC
Pamela Garrity
Geelong, VIC, 3220

Located in Geelong East, Atha Yoga provides a variety of classes for students at all levels of ability, from Beginners to Intermediate and Gentle/Restorative. For a limited time Mention Natural Therapy Pages for 50% off your first term Yoga Pass! Find out more

Geelong, Victoria
Gillian Moxom
Geelong, VIC, 3220

Meditation Circles with Gill at The Healing House are an easy and fun way to bring the benefits of Meditation into your life! Find out more

Geelong, Victoria
Geelong Wellbeing Centre
Geelong, VIC, 3220

The Centre was established with the aim to help individuals to discover natural alternatives for their health conditions that may not always be able to be dealt with using pharmaceutical drugs which often have negative side effects. Find out more

Geelong, Victoria
Geelong, VIC, 3220

The skill of being present brings us into contact with what’s going on right here and now instead of spending our time lost in memories of the past, or planning for the future, or just constantly judging and analyzing our current life. Find out more

Geelong, Victoria
Luke Elliot
Geelong, VIC, 3220

Wellness and Meaning Making through Connecting and Art Making. Find out more

Geelong, Victoria
Ingrid Petterson
Geelong, VIC, 3220

Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Holistic Counselling, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Workshop. Find out more

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Between 75 and 80 km from Colac 3250

Geelong and Surrounding Regions
Jennifer Robinson
Bell Park, VIC, 3215

It is not what music and sound does to us that changes us, but more so what sound un-does IN us that frees us to a truer state of being. . Find out more

Hamlyn Heights, Victoria
Online consult available
Elisabeth Wightman
Hamlyn Heights, VIC, 3215

Holistic renewal packages create a synergy that integrate many modalities of choice to faciltate and enhance your best life, creating bridges to reaching your potential with increased insight, awareness and resiliency to empower you to become your own best asset. Find out more

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Between 80 and 85 km from Colac 3250

Mortlake and surrounding towns, Victoria
Jo Wallis
Mortlake, VIC, 3272
5599 2755    |    0409 010 736

Jo's Therapeutic Massages are personalised to your needs. Your session may include gentle to firm hand techniques, stretches, pressure points and massage. Find out more

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Between 85 and 90 km from Colac 3250

Ocean Grove, Victoria
Katherine Gee
Ocean Grove, VIC, 3226

Meditation is a valuable life tool for discovering a calm oasis of relaxation and stress release in a demanding and fast paced world. In committing to a meditation practice you can help sustain and nourish your mind, body and spirit for a lifetime. Find out more

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Between 90 and 95 km from Colac 3250

Kerrin McMaster

As a qualified professional counsellor,committed to the highest level of professional excellence, I seek to create trust in a respectful professional environment. I deliver a high quality of counselling service, to actively support you to improve your emotional health and well being. Find out more

Canadian, Victoria
Online consult available
Canadian, VIC, 3350

Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Counselling, Counselling Online, Energy Healing, Energy Healing Online, Holistic Counselling, Holistic Counselling Online, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Online, Life Coaching, Life Coaching Online, Meditation, Meditation Online, Mindfulness Online, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Healing Online, Wellness Coaching, Wellness Coaching Online, Women's Health, Workshop. Find out more

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Between 100 and 105 km from Colac 3250

Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Christina Martin
Indented Head, VIC, 3223

Mindfulness. Find out more