Best Brain Gym Practitioners in Windsor VIC

Movement Body Mind and Spirit - Ageless Grace

Angela Paladin

Movement Body Mind and Spirit - Ageless Grace

Bulleen, VIC, 3105

Member since 2014

SPECIALISING IN CLASSES FOR HOLISTIC MOVEMENT • Mindful Movement • Tai Chi • Qi Gong • Nia • ChiBall • Ageless Grace...

Emotions Energy Creativity Happiness Wellness Nervous system First aid training Mind-body connection Movement Stiffness
The Thinking Body - Brain Gym Training

The Thinking Body

The Thinking Body - Brain Gym Training

Box Hill, 3128

Member since 2010

Learn how to deal with stress and improve your learning capabilities, with the help of a professional Brain Gym Training session...

Disabilities Learning difficulties Vision Handwriting Teenagers Movement Stress Management Attention deficit Reading Adults
Tracey Tinker (Skinner) - Brain Gym®

Tracey Tinker (Skinner)

Tracey Tinker (Skinner) - Brain Gym®

Ferntree Gully, VIC, 3156

Member since 2005

Brain Gym®, Touch for Health, Primitive Reflexes and Nutrition.

Health issues Anxiety Dementia Business Vision Stress Management Wellbeing Dyslexia Holistic health Personal growth
The Wellness Barn - Meditation

Krishna Dutton

The Wellness Barn - Meditation

The Basin, VIC, 3154

Member since 2016

Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Brain Gym, Mindfulness

Fatigue Wellness Energy Chronic health issues Fibromyalgia Love Relaxation Chakras Anxiety
Whole Brain Learning

Claire Hocking

Whole Brain Learning

Lara, VIC, 3212

Member since 2012


Vitality Anxiety Energy Nervous system Learning difficulties Memory Movement Stress Management Business Adults
iMiracle Healings

Onkar Sachdeva

iMiracle Healings

Geelong, VIC, 3220

Member since 2017

iMiracle Healings for your holistic wellbeing

Belief systems Nurturing Soul fragment Depression Neglect Cleansing Emotional intelligence Joy Coping skills Mental healing

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