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Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Australia

Weight loss is the process of losing body mass, usually by means of reducing body fat content. Too much weight can cause additional stress on the body and result in back pain, Diabetes and heart conditions. A Naturopath can provide advise on ways to achieve weight loss safely and in harmony with your body. Appetite suppressing drugs such as Nicotine, Caffeine and Fenfuoramine are not recommended as a safe way to lose weight. Weight loss can become an obsession or compulsion resulting in conditions such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia. Through tailored healing the client can achieve a more positive body image which will help to relieve mental imbalance and negative patterns in the brain.
All forms of natural therapy will help with emotional and physical issues, the following are more commonly used for weight loss:

There are many issues surrounding the desire to lose weight. To keep weight off permanently it is often necessary to look at underlying issues that may be causing you to eat in excess of what your body needs. Associated mental imbalances are depression, negative self image, and addiction.

Weight Loss Diet

Most people know that a "healthy diet" is recommended for weight loss, but what is a healthy diet? It is one which is generally low in sugar and high in fibre. Avoid fad diets (the latest craze in dieting) and opt for slow weight loss to ensure the weight does not come back. It is easy to hear advise but staying motivated or sticking to a healthy diet is not easy. If your body has been accustomed to high sugar levels it is difficult to break the habit. You know what you should not be eating but you might be "addicted" to foods rich in sugar. We know that chips and chocolate are not healthy but if you crave them constantly, it is a upward struggle and battle with willpower to get off them.

A good approach would be to introduce things that are good for you into your diet rather than deny yourself food. Substitute a natural fruit juice instead of a can of cola. Steam vegetables instead of frying. Gradually over time you will be eating healthy and your body will respond accordingly. If you try too hard for the weight to drop by extended fasting, or following one diet or another you will not achieve the healthy lifestyle and healthy body weight that you set out to get. By extreme measures you may in fact introduce more disease to the body by developing an eating disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia.

Weight Loss Program

Do you really know what constitutes a healthy diet? Everyone is different and we may or may not have specific ailments that need special dietary requirements. A Naturopath will aid your desire to lose weight by looking at you as an individual and working out the exact nutrients that you need or have been lacking to aid digestion.

By aiding digestion you are allowing your body to digest food easily. It is logical that if we take in too much heavy foods such as red meat that lie dormant in our stomach and become a problem to digest, if not burned off by exercise, the food will turn to fat. A Naturopath will provide support and encouragement as you go through the process of finding what foodstuff is good for you.

Think deeply about the real purpose of food and perhaps this will enable you to realise that the purpose of food is for energy, growth and wellbeing. Sugar rich foods such as chocolate will give the illusion of energy but this feeling does not last and your sugar high will quickly turn to sugar craving. It is not dissimilar to other forms of addictive substances. Remember it is not your fault that you have become addicted. Foods that are bad for you are heavily advertised and promoted as being a source of energy. Think of the advertising campaign "a Mars a day helps you work rest and play". Is there any truth in this statement?
When trying to achieve weight loss, look at how changes can be made to your lifestyle by the foods that are consumed, but also the forms of physical exercise taken to achieve your natural body weight. If you have not habitually exercised over the years, exhausting yourself at a gym may do more harm than good. Try introducing some gentle relaxation and stretching into your day. There are many yoga classes that cater to beginners. Yoga is non-competitive and non-judgemental.You will be amazed at how these simple stretches (asanas) and relaxation techniques can bring the body back to its natural weight.Yoga will also help address any under-lying issues that have been burdening you such as comfort eating.
The hardest thing is motivating yourself to go to class because of tiredness after work or other commitments. Go to class and afterwards ask yourself how you feel. Do you feel happy, more positive and more healthy? This natural high should spur you to go back. Soon you will be addicted to this energetic life force and forget how you used to feel about your body or your food issues. It will happen naturally. Pilates, is another form of exercise that will increase flexibility and help you to lose weight. If pilates classes aren't your thing then walking is always a good way to start regular exercise. Take your dog for a walk daily if you have one.
A diet rich in raw fruit and vegetables together with physical exercise will over time achieve the desired results. Remember fad dieting and long-term fasting is not recommended by Natural Therapy Practitioners to achieve weight loss as it can result in eating disorders and a lack of nutrition to the body.
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