Linda Lin Remedial Massage

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Linda Lin Remedial Massage

About Us

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Mainly involved with natural plant essential oils and their related product development and sales; the country of origin’s natural environment (soil quality, water quality, culture, technical, etc) means that the advantages of high-quality scientific research and advanced management teams produces irreplaceable products with core competitive advantages.

Currently operating: hundreds of pure essential oils, high quality base/carry oils, formulated essential oil blends and other natural skin care and health care products associated with essential oils. Our products (brand name Jully), in addition to liquid oils, have frozen fine ointments. The pure natural essential oil ointment is the latest product - a global initiative. It can be used in cars, homes, or hotels, for air purification, environmental improvement and personal care. It is natural, safe, healthy, and easy to carry and use. We wish more people can experience the profound effects of aromatherapy, and establish a new era of health concepts.

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Linda Lin Remedial Massage