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Ametrine Holistic Medicine & Healing

Rejuvenate Your Energy Flow for a Healthier You:

  Using frequency medicine in the form of sound or transferring frequency directly to the body or aura can help to restore the function of your mind, body, and spirit and achieve overall physical and emotional well-being.

Ametrine Holistic Medicine & Healing - Frequency Medicine

What is a Biofield?

Your biofield is the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates your body that is composed of electromagnetic energy and subtle energy or chi. This structure is also referred to as your “human energy field” or “aura”.

Research has shown that all of our life experiences look to be stored magnetically in standing waves within this medium. The biofield is then classified with a record of different emotional experiences stored in different locations within this field.

Every emotion produces a unique frequency signature that are reflected as sound vibrations on a tuning fork. As an example, fear has a pulsating quality to it that is very specific. Different emotions like anger, grief, or guilt each have unique signatures and have their own locations in your biofield.

How Does Frequency Medicine Work and What Are The Benefits?

We are able to apply frequency to the body by using Tuning Forks, direct application via contact pads and by using chimes that resonate to specific Solfeggio Frequencies.

For example, stress can be located in your biofield by passing a tuning fork slowly through this subtle energy field. Experiences like this reflect as distortions or “noise” which can be perceived.

Depending on where in the biofield a distortion can present itself, the age and emotional tone of the experience can be determined by referring to a map of a human being’s biofields.

By being able to identify the source of your stressor in your biofield, it is then possible to neutralise it gently with sound. Symptom reduction outcomes can be predictable, repeatable, and consistent with sometimes even elimination of symptoms or emotional issues.

Direct application can help with healing physical issues within the body and systemically. 

Frequency Medicine can help locate, harmonise, and release areas of noise and resistance in your body’s energy system. This allows you to activate previously inaccessible potential and move forward with a more empowered and balanced perspective.

Through this natural therapy, you can achieve higher levels of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Payment Information

Payment for individual treatment is either through cash or card at the end of each session. Payments for group events should be arranged before each session starts. All costs include GST.

Health fund rebates can be availed but will depend on the fund and your level of coverage. EFTPOS is available.

Enquire now so you can start reaching higher levels of well-being.

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