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Aromapura Aromatherapy Massage Natural Health

Franca Zannoni

Level 1, Suite 3
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Aromapura Aromatherapy Massage Natural Health

Franca specialises in Clinical Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Ear Candling, Bach Flower Essences, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Workshops and Natural Skincare.
Embrace and Rebalance! Here to support your wellness journey.

Aromapura Aromatherapy Massage Natural Health - Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy- how can it help you?

Discover how aromatic essential oils can enhance your wellbeing and stimulate a healthy mental, physical and emotional state.

Aromatherapy takes a holistic approach to the treatment of many common ailments and helps you with conditions like stress and anxiety, headaches/migraines, colds and flu, sinusitis, eczema, poor circulation cellulite and the prevention of sports injuries.
Personalised Natural Skin Care Products are available.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation usually lasts an hour and a half and begins with an aromatic foot bath while your medical history is taken. Essential oils, blended especially for you, will then be used for your aromatherapy massage.

Follow up consultations include a review of the current treatment plan and continued support and education.
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An aromatherapy massage with Franca is a very calming experience. Oils used for the massage are thoughtfully chosen and prepared to suit individual needs. Franca's quiet, confident manner is very reassuring and the overall experience makes you feel special.

Products such as hand cream and moisturiser, specially blended by Franca using only pure, natural ingredients are just beautiful to use.

Hilda (Newport) 2010

I have been receiving massages from Franca for over five years now and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering having deep tissue or relaxation treatment. I have been suffering from back problems, stress and anxiety for many years now and I have found great relief and healing in Franca's massages and other treatments.

She is an expert masseuse and a very caring person who will go that extra mile to make sure her clients are cared for. She has this truly amazing ability to not only get to the heart of any muscular problem but also leaves you feeling like all your ailments have melted away.

Many thanks Franca, your service is truly invaluable.

Lucette C (Williamstown)
March 2013

Aromatherapy and Multiple Sclerosis
I was first diagnosed with MS in 2002. I have been seeing Franca on a weekly basis since January 2008.

Each week Franca begins my treatment with a ‘Steam Inhalation’ using essential oils. As my sense of smell is slowly deteriorating, being able to smell Eucalyptus, Japanese Mint and Thyme essential oils gives me lots of inspiration.

I love inhaling these beautiful oils and sometimes the oils that Franca uses often remind me of the plants we had at home when I was a child.

Following the inhalation, I have a warm foot bath with Rosemary and Grapefruit essential oils. My feet are usually cold so having the warm foot bath and massage invigorate my feet.

I really enjoy the ‘Face Treatment’ Franca gives me. She cleanses my face and then applies either green or red clay, followed by Flower Water toner and moisturiser. She always ends her treatments with a spray of ‘Floral Water’, Lavender, Orange or Rose to protect my aura.

Franca makes all her products using natural ingredients. I particularly like the ‘Hand Scrubs’ I have. Using the essential oils plus ingredients like olive oil, salt and sugar leaves my hands feeling silky smooth and revitalised.

The essential oils Franca uses remind me of my childhood especially Eucalyptus, and the Carers often comment on how lovely it smells when they come into my room.

Each week we talk about my next treatment and together we decide which treatment is best for me. Franca and I have developed a beautiful friendship and each week I look forward to her visit.

Julie - July 25th 2012

Qualification Details

Certificate lV Aromatherapy 1999 (One Year Full Time Course at Australian College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne now known as Endeavour College, Melbourne)


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