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Ascent Healing Centre

Johanna McNamara

Servicing area: Australia Wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Cains, Darwin

Ascent Healing Centre
The Ascent Healing Centre is a centre for holistic healing modalities, and arose from the desire of Johanna M McNamara (Founding Director and Principal ) to offer people globally, the opportunity to pursue Health, Wellness & Personal Development in all aspects.

Ascent Healing Centre

We offer a range of -

Seminars and Workshops
Individual sessions and Information days
Training ( groups and individual)
Webinars and Skype sessions

Modalities include
Visionary; Intuitive Healer ; Reiki; Theta Healing; Sound healing; Chakra healing & cleansing; Crystal healing and balancing ; Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowl Healing; Holistic Children's Coaching; Spiritual guidance and wisdom; Genome Stem Cell Healing; Magnetic energy clearing of negative beliefs ; Aromatherapy Practitioner and essential Oils healing .

Johanna creates your Blue print for Personal Change and Development
Facilitator of Change and Transformation

Qualification Details

BA- IR and Political Science;
Dip Teaching; (Music & Educ Psychology)
Dip Training & Assessment Systems
Reiki Master - Dr Usui teachings
Theta Healing Practitioner
Genome Healing Practitioner
Crystal Health and Wellness
Personal Coaching , Training and Development
Aromatherapy Practitioner

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