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Member since
Jan 2018

Back 2 Back Therapies

Contact Name Brian Vanschyndel
Phone 0351275970
Address 32 Ollerton Ave
Newborough VIC 3825

Welcome to Back 2 Back Therapies

Back 2 Back Therapies in conjunction with yourself helps your body facilitate its innate ability to heal itself.

Back 2 Back Therapies

About Us

With our occupations, lifestyles, exercise/sport, and handedness (we are right or left side dominant). We accumulate compensations to our bodies, with these over compensations our bodies are unable to correct ourselves.

As a result of these over compensations, we may produce specific walking difficulties, pain patterns, visceral issues (visceral = organs) or general weakness/fatigue. Have you noticed that your body has developed a habit of tension/pain that it keeps repeating? “or have you ever had a body treatment and not received the results you were promised?”

Here at Back2Back Therapies, we take special consideration to assess where these patterns are in the body and work closely with you and your body’s inbuilt healing ability to achieve your desired results.

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