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Your vitality with Valerie

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Your vitality with Valerie


The ideal challenge to kickstart your energy and weight loss in just 10 days!

10 days of Real Food Remedy to release the stress, the bloating and the extra weight.

All-done-for-you challenge to experience the return of your vitality while you focus on self-care and pleasure.

Real Food Resolution - 10 Day

I've created this meal plan for myself many years ago to recover after a period of indulgence. As a food lover, I didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen and give up on flavours. 

Those time of confinement and social stress can overwhelm your digestion, sap your energy levels and affects your weight. 

With this all-done-for-you challenge, you will improve your stress resilience, reduce your feeling of bloating and get rid of some extra weight in a short amount of time. Over 10 days, you will be guided into simple and efficient self-care methods.

When you subscribe to the Real Food Resolution challenge, you will get access to:

  • A daily protocol for the entire ten days
  • A complete menu plan with options
  • Many delicious recipes easy and quick to prepare
  • Comprehensive handouts to guide you through your cleanse
  • Online support from Valerie
  • With extra bonuses

This challenge is a guided done-for-you approach to wholefoods.

The meal plan has been designed to be nutritionally balanced and tasty.

You will enjoy:
Wonderful breakfast ideas
Easy to prepare colourful lunches
Dinners you will love to share with your family

So what happens now?

When you subscribe, you immediately receive a welcome message with access to your Ebook. You start at your own pace. However, I do recommend you start on a Monday, so you get ready during the weekend. 
You can purchase your program HERE

What Others Think

"When I’ve started to work with Valerie, I was unhealthy, overweight, and just feeling sluggish all the time. The most obvious about where I am now is the weight loss. But I’m also much happier about how I feel about myself” – Sue-Anne, Researcher

"After following Valerie’s program, I have learned that there is a better and more nourishing way of eating: the contents of my pantry has changed, as well as the time and the type of meal I now serve. Thank you very much for this great learning opportunity" – Evelyne, Record Manager

"I now take the time to slow down and eat mindfully. I am thoroughly enjoying my meal right now… Your email has made me stop and think, savor the moment and really taste the food.” – Anne-Marie, Executive Assistant