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Your Body Your Temple

Kahuna Bodywork is a Hawaiian Massage technique offering healing and realignment at a cellular level. Call Fiona House to discuss what Kahuna Bodywork can do for you.

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Fiona House - Kahuna Bodywork

Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork is a flowing and dynamic form of massage-like therapy that is performed to music. The strokes used in Kahuna Bodywork sensitively flow using the path of least resistance, creating a space in which clients are able to experience healing and well being. 

During the Kahuna Bodywork session, rhythmical strokes are applied with chi energy, allowing the clients body to energetically realign itself on a cellular level and take on a more contributing pattern — this does not occur with therapeutic or Remedial Massage.  When you receive a Kahuna Bodywork session you not only reap the benefits of pain relief and relaxation, you alos benefit from a deeper realignment on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  For this reason, Kahuna Bodywork is described as ‘a body based psycho spiritual transformation’ because it bypasses the busy mind and enters the body, enabling the wisdom of our multifaceted beings to emerge.

Kahuna Bodywork maintains a relaxed and pain-free state during the session. Deep point pressure using leverage to release muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint movement techniques may be used to provide specific focus.

Kahuna Bodywork is very relaxing and offers the opportunity for a dynamic re-patterning process on the body, mind and spirit, introducing the possibility of change and release of old non-contributing patterns held in the body. When treated holistically, the body is able to reunite, align and establish balance and equanimity within itself.

Kahuna Bodywork is ideal for:

  • When you are feeling physically drained and tired and are in need of a thorough bodywork treatment to ease tired muscles, aching backs or stiff necks.

  • Times of change in ones life – births, relationship changes, travels, new jobs – any time that is a period of transition for you.   It supports you through these changes, and allows for these transitions to be more graceful.

  • If you are feeling stuck in life and are not sure which direction to choose.

  • If you are ready to move on after something in your life has ended and you want to move into a new space.

  • If you need nurturing and are feeling emotionally exhausted and mentally have just had enough.

  • If you suffer from fluid retention.  Kahuna Bodywork really promotes drainage. 

If you have question about how Kahuna Bodywork can help you, or to book an appointment with Fiona or Kacie, call, visit the website or click on the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button below.

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