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Healing Massage for Women

Jordana Boyle

Aberfoyle Park SA 5159

Servicing area: Aberfoyle Park, South Australia

Healing Massage for Women

'Experience a lovely, warming, massage to soothe away soreness and increase relaxation'

Specialising in Pregnancy, Aromatherapy, and Relaxation Massage For Women'

Healing Massage for Women

Welcome to Healing Massage for Women

Relax, rejuvenate and revive, and feel the joy that a beautiful massage treatment can bring!

My Mission

Your health and well being are at the heart of everything I do within my massage practice. Whether you are coming to me suffering from chronic back and neck tension, headaches, pregnancy pain, or you just need some time to let go and relax. It is my goal and passion, to create a beautiful massage tailored to your needs, so that you will have long term healing effects on both your mind, body and soul.

About Me

My name is Jordana Boyle, and I am passionate about providing nurturing care and treatment to women experiencing pain, stress, tension and anxiety in their lives. I also have a great love for providing massage as a service during the pregnancy journey.

It was through my own struggle with anxiety and depression, that I found the beautiful, healing art of massage.Through receiving massage I found a sense of peace within myself and my body, that I hadn't felt in a long time. I was able to tune out, and tune into nurturing myself, releasing the stress and anxiety that wracked my mind and body.

So after much soul searching, I decided to study massage, and help people feel the joy and benefits, that I felt massage had brought me.

Now I am living out my dream of providing caring, individualized massage treatments in a tranquil, warm, private setting created within my home for you to enjoy!

Massage Therapy Improves Emotional Wellbeing

Massage Therapy has also proven to have a profound effect on our emotional wellbeing. One of the immediate benefits of a Massage Treatment is the wonderful feeling of deep relaxation and peace. This occurs because the massage actually prompts the release of endorphins, which are brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce the feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

With the increase in endorphins, the levels of negative stress hormones such as adrenalin, nor epinephrine and cortisol are reduced. This means that the body is able to heal itself more efficiently, due to a less stressed immune system, and our general wellbeing and quality of life is increased.

So if you are suffering from some of the following, Massage Therapy can be very beneficial for you:

• Anxiety
• General stress- feeling burnt out and not in balance
• Depression
• Lack of self worth
• Lack of body awareness
• Any other psychological issues that are causing you discomfort

Massage Services Offered

Therapeutic Massage:
Otherwise known as Relaxation Massage, or Swedish Massage. This is a nurturing, relaxing massage, performed with firm but gentle massage strokes to release bodily tension, and increase your sense of peace and wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Massage:
Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to increase our health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy massage is a relaxing yet powerful massage, incorporated with an individualised essential oil blend created to suit you. Through massage the essential oils together with a base oil are absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. Once in the blood stream the essential oils have a profound effect on physical healing and psychological well being.

Some common oils used are:
Eucalyptus/Myrtle:Great for congestion and colds- Received through a vaporiser.
Geranium: Great for menopausal problems, PMS and injured muscles. Received through massage and vaporisation etc.
Lavender: incredibly versatile oil. Main uses are for relaxation, insomnia and reduction of bodily aches and pains - Received through massage and vaporisation etc.
Bergamot: A very uplifting citrus oil. Wonderful for treating depression and fatigue. Received through massage and vaporisation.

Pregnancy Massage:
When you are pregnant it is important to pamper and nurture yourself, and take care of your mind, body and spirit. Pregnancy massage is a gentle but effective massage given after your first trimester (or 12 weeks) of pregnancy. It is a massage which can greatly relieve your muscle cramps, spasms and pains which are often encountered through the lower back, hips, legs and neck during pregnancy. The massage is performed in a comfortable side laying position, with body pillows supplied for extra comfort. Side laying is recommended during the massage to stop pressure being placed on the inferior vena cava, which can if occluded cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure.

Additional benefits of Pregnancy Massage include:

• Increase in physical and emotional well being
• Reduces peripheral swelling
• Soothes the Nervous System
• Prevents insomnia
• Gives baby a sense of calm and peace

Price List

30 minute massage $40
1 hour massage $70
1 ½ hour massage $90
Gift Vouchers also available.

• Certificate IV Massage Therapy
• Diploma Of Remedial Massage Therapy
• Member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
Health fund rebates available


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