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HealthBack - Remedial Therapies

Gabriela Bradley

Level 1, Suite 7
206 Hume Hwy
Lansvale NSW 2166

Servicing area: Lansvale, Fairfield, Liverpool

HealthBack - Remedial Therapies
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Having had an ‘eye-opener’ where I was shown how painful and debilitating it feels when the body gets injured, in my case due to over-exertion in the gym and lack of care to do an adequate cooldown, followed by an unnecessary twist and rotation of the big lumbar verterbrae! I recognized that the incident I experienced is a very common one due to our lifestyle, stress, bad habits, accident, injury and trauma. I suddenly saw all the people who had pain in their backs and wished I could help them to better manage or even get rid of their pain just as I did. I enrolled in and passed a certified course on the Dieter Dorn Method and passed my certification and diploma for the Brandon Raynor Remedial Massage Therapy and as of recent have completed my accreditation process in order to be able to offer my clients Health Fund rebates.

Not only do I wish to help you better manage or get rid of your back pain, neck pain, migraines and many other ailments but I want to encourage you to take steps to help and allow your body to do what it always strives to do: to keep optimal balance and functioning and to self-heal. ‘


You have the control to regain good immunity, increase your energy levels and to assist your body and mind to work at their best!

Qualification Details

Dipl Remedial Massage
Dorn Therapy
Breuss Massage Therapy