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John is one of Adelaide’s most sought after Remedial Therapists, working in private practice for over 25 years. He has learnt from some of the world leaders in Muscular Treatments and Therapies and has successfully treated thousands of people, helping relieve their pain and discomfort. After years of using dozens of techniques and analysing the results from his clients, John adapted his own treatment, method, therapy and style, which he believes works best. Joanne in addition to having learned directly from John, is also a qualified Personal Trainer and will from time to time offer you some stretches or exercises to complement your treatment. She has also studied Health Science and Traditional Balinese Massage in Bali. Both John and Joanne are qualified ENAR Therapists, which they use in almost every treatment. They also are gifted with Reiki and so you will naturally get the benefits of their healing touch from any treatment from them. Try for yourself!

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Relief from Muscular Aches & Pain. Specialising in Injury Pain, Lower Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headache & Sinus Relief, Stress & Tension, Holistic & Integral Beauty.


After years of learning from world experts in muscular therapy, using and analysing dozens of techniques and successfully treating thousands of client, John Vomiero adapted his own treatment, method, therapy and style, which he believes works best. This treatment is especially effective in relieving tight muscles or muscle spasms in particular lower back pain, neck & shoulder pain, injury pain and headache and sinus discomfort.

Using a combination and adaptation of several remedial techniques, Bowen Therapy & Diagnostics, Emmett Therapy, ENAR Therapy, Pressure Point Therapy, Chinese Cupping, Myofascial Therapy, Piezo Acupressure Release and PNF Stretching, this treatment aims to release muscle tension to achieve a harmonious body balance and reduce pain. You will feel a sense of relief and free movement with this treatment.


If you are suffering pain from a recent or long term injury, our specialised treatment, including the use of ENAR, can assist your recovery and stimulate your body to help heal itself naturally. For new injuries, we recommend you seek treatment as soon as possible, as your recovery will be greatly improved with immediate treatment.


Unfortunately after surgery there are not many options for relieving or managing your pain naturally. Our treatment including ENAR can reduce your pain level and assist in your body’s natural recovery.


ENAR (Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator) technology is a holistic form of Energy Medicine which communicates with the nervous system through skin stimulation, to facilitate regulation of nerve energy flow, so that natural recovery and healing can occur.

ENAR technology was originally developed in the 1970’s, as part of the Russian Space program, where it was intended for use by Cosmonauts in outer space. In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, ENAR is an important leader in demonstrating an unusual ability to achieve rehabilitation goals very quickly.

ENAR is listed with TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) as a medical device, as well as having undergone several recent university studies.

This therapeutic Treatment is compatible with any other type of therapy to achieve integral harmony for sustainable health and beauty.


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