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JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience

Kristen Jelk

205 The Parade Rd
Norwood SA 5067

Servicing area: Norwood, Hyde Park & Adelaide SA

JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience

Relax and rejuvenate your skin with our organic facial treatments.

Facial Treatments, Synergy Experience, Saving Face & Signature Facial

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JANESCE Skin Health and Beauty Experience provides bespoke facial Treatments in Norwood SA to address all skin types and conditions.

Our facial treatments combine botanical ingredients with a warm, aromatic towel soak to induce relaxation. This is followed by a gentle facial scrub and massage that gives that wonderful, rejuvenating feeling.

Synergy Experience


This holistic skin treatment is grounded in good nutrition. It includes a facial service, skin analysis, and skin renewal products.

'Just Massage' Facial


Detoxify and rejuvenate your tired skin with the hydrating effects of our serum and floral extracts.

Age-Resilience Facial


Fight skin aging and free radicals that harm the skin with this facial treatment that makes use of grapeseed extracts and antioxidant-rich herbs. 

Clearing Facial


Improve your complexion with this detoxifying facial that comes with a Moor clay mask and exfoliation.

Luminosity Facial

$160.00/90 minutes

Is your skin losing moisture faster than it should? Hydrate it and increase its cell regeneration.

Perfecting Facial


Retain moisture and improve your skin’s texture with a Gentle Enzyme Peel.

Saving Face


This facial treatment is designed for men. It combines extracts of sage, lime, witch hazel, and grapefruit to calm the skin.

Serenity Facial


Perfect for sensitive skin, this treatment combines the medicinal properties of chamomile, sage, lavender, rose and marshmallow.

Signature Facial


Our signature facial treatment revives your skin by combining a gentle massage with organic lavender, rose, sage, marshmallow and chamomile.

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