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Live & Let Go Massage Therapy

Clare Easton

353 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd
Sassafras VIC 3787

Live & Let Go Massage Therapy

"Massage Therapy is my passion and am fascinated by the positive effects it can have  both physically and emotionally, I have a welcoming and professional personality. As a dedicated therapist I will continue learning offer the best service I can to my clients."

Live & Let Go Massage Therapy

Inspiration... For upto date information about us and our services please visit ourwebsite. 

I love adventure and am always wanting to try new things. I decided to give mountain boarding a go when I was back home in the Lake District, UK. I was doing quite well... until I fell and broke my Elbow and Wrist! The first time I ever a broke a bone (It turns out I also broke my leg a few years previously without realising but thats another story...!)

Did you realise that after you break an Elbow joint it literally ceases up and stops working after only 3 weeks of immobilisation? This was when I discovered an amazing thing- natural therapies. I started out with a Physiotherapist who prescribed exercise and gentle joint mobilisation techniques to free my elbow up. After a while the movement slowly came back. I was in agony, pain in my arm that lead all the way to my shoulder and back. I couldn't sleep and I was at my wits end. Every day living was a nightmare from getting dressed, to cooking to being able to work. My friend who is a Sports Massage Therpaist started massaging me with Deep Tissue Techniques, another friend healed my soul with Reiki and with all these modalities combined I was on my way to recovery. I still remember the day I was finally able to tie my own hair up!

That was it- I was inspired. These people had transformed my life, I was on a journey and all the way I had support- Mind, Body and Soul. I decided I wanted to be able to offer this support and help to others and became a Qualified Remedial Massage Therpaist with specialisation in Functional Movement.

How I work...

Firstly I listen and observe. Finding out what is happening with the client and tailor my style accordingly. I don't believe in "No Pain No Gain" and feel that you don't need to leave my clinic sore and bruised to achieve the goal. I use Muscle Energy Technique, Myofacial release and Deep Tissue to release tension and pain. Depending if the tension is from injury or anxiety greatly depends on the techniques used. I always like to make a client feel total relaxation to allow me to get into muscles deeper without necessarily needing more force. I believe in treating the mind, body and spirit together and this makes for an effective treatment and a great experience. I am interested in functional movement, not just in sports but in everyday living, For example assisting the elderly to be able to get out of a chair to the consideration of how a runners feet hit the ground. I can provide insightful knowledge to the clients about how to continue the treatments outside of the massage room in the form of stretching and strengthening techniques, and how to self massage in those moments when you just need some release!

Little things...

​I have always been obsessed with the Dandenong ranges and dreamt of being able to offer a massage service surrounded by trees with the fresh air. The peacefulness and quiet location of my homebased clinic makes an extra element to the experience and I am happy to be able to make a dream a reality.

I spend my time walking my border collies around the walking tracks, looking at nature and taking photos. I am also an artist an enjoy drawing animal portraits. I believe it is important for our wellness to make sure we make time for the little things...

Live and Let Go Massage...

The name of the business comes from the idea that we have activity packed, hard working, busy lives and need to take a moment to let go and recover from what life throws at us. Out there you Live and here you Let Go, the cycle goes on...



1 hour ​Relaxation ​Massage
$95 - hour

1 hour Relaxation Massage . The relaxing music, salt lamp, aromatherapy diffuser and peaceful atmosphere will assist you to relax and unwind.

90 Min Relaxation ​Massage
$135 - 90mins

90 minute Relaxation Massage . We recommend 90 minute massages for full body massages to get the most benefit.

1 Hour Remedial ​Massage
$95 - hour

Please check your Private Health fund to ensure you are covered and how much rebate you can claim. As each claim depends on your policy the Massage Therapist cannot advise the amount you will be refunded.

90 Min Remedial ​Massage
$135 - 90mins

Please Check your Private Health fund to ensure you are covered and how much rebate you can claim. Please keep your receipt if you have a private health fund.

Reiki Treatments

$75- about 60mins

Total bliss and love, creating space for you, your heart space and connection. please take a look at my website for more reiki services 


Corporate Massage
Contact For Quote - min 2 hours

If you are a business and require a Massage Therapist for your staff wellness programme, event, function or expo please click the button below to complete our contact form or call us on 0406622792

1 hour Mobile ​Massage
$135 - hour

Mobile massage in the luxury of your own home, hotel, guest house. Click below for more information. Bookings made by telephone only.

90 Min Mobile ​Massage
$175 - 90mins

Ultimate paper session. Mobile massage in the luxury of your own home, hotel, guest house. Click below for more information. Bookings made by telephone only.

Elderly/ Disability Massage
Concession Price - per hour

With experience massaging our elderly community in their homes, retirement villages and nursing home Live and Let Go Massage is proud to provide a caring gentle service and promote wellbeing. If you know someone who might benefit from our TLC service please click the button below for more information.

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