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Welcome!  We offer Professional Healing, Massage, Facial & Reflexology services in  Macleay Island. Enjoy a relaxing beautiful ocean view in a lush tropical setting

Metafisica - Massage & Healing Services

Focus areas

Diet Dna/stem cell healing Relaxation Reading Cellulite Health assessment


Egyptian Goddess Isis Massage
The goddess of all massages. Deeply relaxing, exotic & healing. A mystical formula of pure oils & massage, gently activates the Kundalini Tantric energy. Helps to clear Karma, detoxifies, energizes & guides earthbound energies on the path to enlightenment.

Hawaiian Kahuna & Lomi Lomi
A flowing massage that uses continuous touch to harmonize energy flow in the body and provide mind & heart connection to Mother Earth.

Traditional Balinese
Soft & deep tissue with a variety of hand techniques & acupressure to release pain & unblock meridian channels.

Ayurveda oils are used with either soft or deep tissue techniques to suit your body type & your emotional needs.

Thai Backwalk
This style is suitable for someone who needs a strong, deep tissue massage with stretching to improve mobility.

Brazilian Shower Massage
We combine body polishing and aromatherapy with filtered water washes to detox the body. This deep tissue massage stimulates the body to eliminate dangerous toxins stored in cellulite.

Latin Spa Massage
Relaxing massage followed by a filtered water spa massage with a latin inspired herbal formula for you to enjoy.

Egyptian Bath
In our own Isis temple with 7 veils. Heal and detox like Cesar or Cleopatra in a bath filled with organically grown herbs. This treatment replenishes your body with vital minerals and vitamins to leave you relaxed and balanced.

Tibetan Sacred Bath
We use sound, water, crystal and fire Shamanic healing to cleanse the aura and body.

Tantra Healing Therapy

Dalila can treat an individual or couple together. This treatment has been specially developed to treat sexual dysfunction through non-sexual massage, energy healing, detoxification and reading the aura. Initially, each person will be treated individually to clear negative blockages and activate Kundalini energy.

If seeking treatment as a couple, once the blockages are cleared, the treatment will be given together as a couple. There is no sexual contact during the treatment. We treat the causes of sexual dysfunction, heal imbalances and enhance sexual energy

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