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Rhonda Hunt

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My unique skill is in combining myofascial release, functional release, trigger pointing and relaxation massage in a way that produces great results.

Remedial Massage


My Background & Clients

I have been practising remedial massage since 2006. My clients range from young athletic sports people to people experiencing chronic pain and stress, to pregnant women.

I have worked as part of a medical practice since 2006. Clients with highly varied medical conditions such as tension headaches, sore necks, sore backs, anxiety, stress and depression are referred by the GP’s in the clinic with great results.

My Skills & Philosophy

My unique skill is in combining myofascial release, functional release trigger pointing and relaxation massage in a way that produces great results.

Many people have had the experience of being confronted with hard pressure when they go to a massage therapist, when what they asked for was relaxation massage. Or people are given a relaxation massage when what they need is to have their posterior neck muscles released, so the headaches will stop.

The skill set I have is in treating each person as an individual and tailoring the massage to the person in front of me.

Oncology massage is an exciting new technique I am thrilled to be qualified to deliver. I love the fact that research from the Sloane Kettering Institute has shown that pain, anxiety and depression are reduced by 50% when appropriate massage is performed on patients with cancer.

I am also a qualified social worker and have many years of working with grief and loss in a palliative care setting. I have a great deal of respect for the human body and it’s powers of healing itself. I see myself as assisting the body to heal. Stress is such s huge part of our lives that often it’s widespread and underlying role in health issues is not identified.

Taking time out for ourselves to unwind in a healing environment is an important regular routine we would all do well to adopt. So why not give me a call today and book in a massage of your choice!

Payment Options

Eftpos and Hicaps available.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give me a call!

Qualification details

Remedial Massage therapist (with Distinction)
Member of Australian Association of Massage Therapists
Health Fund registered

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