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Sense Wellbeing Massage

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Have you been wondering are massages good for you? The science is in, and it is showing more and more that massages really are! There are many commonly –known benefits, such as pain and stress reduction, increased circulation and flexibility, overall relaxation and wellbeing.

Sense Wellbeing Massage

Sense Wellbeing massage believe very strongly that each person is an individual, with individual needs and concerns. Having worked with many healthcare and spa professionals, our experience is extensive and varied. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, have a sports or work injury or just want to relax, we will tailor a treatment to your own personal requirements.

Sense Wellbeing Massage services are dedicated for people who would like to enjoy high quality massages and body treatments with organic products .Sense Wellbeing Massage treatments include:

  1. Massages (remedial, deep tissue, relaxation, pregnancy)

  2. Dry Body brush exfoliation + moisturising

  3. Facial massage

  4. Ear Candling

Sense Wellbeing Massage benefits:

  • Massage has long been recognised as enhancing general health and wellbeing, however regular therapeutic massage has also been found to:

  • Provide stress relief and reduces anxiety;

  • Relieve muscular aches and pains including headaches, backaches, and general muscle tension;

  • Release endorphins (the body’s natural feel good hormones) and increase energy and productivity;

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow and promotes detoxification;

  • Help to stabilise the spine and increase the benefits of Osteopathic and Chiropractic adjustments and improves posture.

Massage has so many other benefits:

  • Increase the blood's oxygen capacity by 10-15%

  • Help loosen contracted, shortened muscles and stimulate weak, flaccid muscles. This muscle "balancing" can even help posture and promote more efficient movement; Speed recovery from exercise-induced fatigue;

  • Increase production of gastric juices, saliva and urine;

  • Increase excretion of nitrogen, inorganic phosphorus, and sodium chloride (salt). This suggests that the metabolic rate increases; Balance the nervous system by soothing or stimulating it, depending on which effect is needed;

  • Improves function of the oil and sweat glands that lubricate, clean and cool the skin. Though, inflexible skin can become softer and more supple;

  • Indirectly or directly stimulating nerves the supply internal organs can dilate the organs' blood vessels, improving blood supply.

  • Best of all, massage feels FANTASTIC!

Dry skin brushing benefits:

  • Removes dead layers of skin and other outer impurities.

  • Stimulates and increases blood circulation.

  • Helps release fatty deposits under your skin’s surface.

  • Assists the eliminative capacity of your body’s organs.

  • Rejuvenates your cells.

  • Strengthens your immune system.

  • Increases muscle tone.

  • Improves skin texture.

  • Helps prevent premature ageing

Facial massage benefits:

Stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps to bring oxygen to that area—which is a natural form of anti-aging skin care in itself. More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion

Ear Candling of the ears is an ancient, mild and natural healing technique that has its origins in China, Greece and Egypt and is used by the Hopi Indians of America. The therapy helps remove years of built up wax and debris and will assist in relieving irritation and noises in the ears. It is particularly useful in regulating pressure in the ears prior to air travel and has the added benefit of increasing blood supply to the ears.

Member of Massage Association of Australia (MAA)





30 min

Remedial massage




Health Fund  Refund available

Deep Tissue massage





Relaxation massage





Pregnancy massage





Dry Body Brush




Facial massage 15min ($20)


Ear Candling ($30)


Operating days and hours:

FRIDAYS: 9.00 am- 7.00pm
SATURDAYS: 9.00 am-7.00pm

Provider number available for private health insurance holders.

To make a booking please call 0423 830 128

Level 1, 576 (574-576) Burke Rd
Camberwell, Vic 3124
(Rear entry through the Market Carpark)

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